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Dec 22, 2003
Well, i've had 3 weeks enforced leave due to having to go work abroad and i just can't seem to get back into playing. Leveling now seems like a chore to me, i've been stuck on 42 for a while now and even with a full resting bonus the bar goes across soo slowly, i think i'll give it a go for a while now to see how quickly i can progress. I'm finding myself solo most of the time too at the moment, i think in the entire time i've been in the game i've been in about 5 groups, people just don't seem to want to group up on my server and there doesn't seem to be any major advantage to it leveling wise apart from raiding and instances. Which means it's pretty lonely leveling with nothing to distract me. It could be that i've just got a crap guild, we'll see.

If i have to grind slowly to 60 though i don't think i'm going to be too happy. Quests don't offer particually great rewards at this level either, equivilent to about 4 or 5 kills in xp which doesn't make a great deal of difference.


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Jan 17, 2004
blizzard made one of the biggest mistakes concerning group system, if u group and u kill normal mobs, u get shit xp, it makes everyone dislike grouping in general, so they solo
u can bring up the argument of doing instance xping as a fg, but even then u need a fully opted group with AE possibility if u wanna make decent xp, leaving alot of classes out


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Jan 9, 2004
I dunno

I found duoing quests to be very quick fun xp :)

Having said that, I also made sure I tradeskilled so alot of the time I could go and grind animal mobs for leather to grind tradeskilling up after. That kind of gave me a point for grinding levels.

I had to abandon my hunter tho once the honour patch was released, now I am stuck into a hunter and warrior on Bloodhoof and it's alot of fun :)



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Dec 24, 2003
I remember the early 40ies to be quite slow as well, trust me - it'll speed up significantly once you get just a whee higher.

Head to Zul'Farrak in a few levels, great exp in there and easy quests. In the meanwhile, do some (kill)quests in Tanaris or head to Uldaman (unless you hate it as much as I do)

Then there's Un'Goro Crater for outstanding amount of quests once you get closer to 50 - don't forget Sunken Temple either. (Duo in Un'goro is quite effective)

(we skipped Maraudon, couldn't find many quests worth doing in there - except for the Thrash blade).

If things are going slow, you're either far behind equipment wise, or at the wrong spot. Quests do matter (tons), stack them for best effect.


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Feb 18, 2005
40-48 I did quite quickly and painlessly. The Wastewander bandits in NE Tanaris are weak and drop a lot of mageweave and are a great XP grind :).

Though if you are totally dissatisfied with the way XP works, I think you should just take a bit of a break, try some other games. I personally love digging up old RPGs and giving themanother whirl, maybe setting new challenges. Ever seen that movie of Fallout 2 finished in 20 mins? :p.


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Jan 1, 2004
Around 42 you should do uldaman / stv to get around 45~ and get groups in Zf.. goes fast there. Decent drops aswell.


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Feb 6, 2004
I think Level 42 for me was an afternoon or morning in Tanaris, with my Hunter scouring the countryside for Scorpions so I could kill them, skin them, take their scales and make my Scorpid set.

I think I did lvl 40 to 45 in a couple of days just doing this personal quest for mail armour goodness.

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Feb 28, 2004
u may see a quest only gives 3 or 4k xp.. but think about it like this u have to kill some mobs to get the quest items soetimes that gives 3-4k.. and then u hand the quest in and u have made double the xp, and theres plenty of quests out there to do. I personally spent alot of time farming instances, u get about 40-60% of your required xp per trip in an instance and then u do afew quests and u have dinged.

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