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Dec 22, 2003
Verhoeven in Empire magazine about the major US productions he directed:

But one of the paradoxes... is that [if he were to] try for a Hollywood career now, he would be much more likely to be offered a remake of some 80's flick than the kind of low-budget but fiercely original movie that these three classics epitomise. Hollywood's accelerating propensity to devour itself, its inability to generate new ideas, leaves him depressed, particularly since it is now his movies that are being cannibalised.

"I really don't know... do they think they can do better now?" I will see the Total Recall remake because Colin Farrell is actually more like the character in the book - we had to change him because it was Arnold. But that Hollywood cannot come up with new ideas, though, that is horrible".

Then a worse thought occurs to him "And I hear they're going to make them PG-13, which basically I could never do".


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Dec 23, 2003

Hmmm well, better than the midget :p

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