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  1. =M<P=Xerxes

    =M<P=Xerxes Guest

    Is a Gamemaster needed fo IGI2?
    Well I can offer my-self up for the job.

    But who will be Dominc Diamond?

  2. Bit kinky for me ;)
  3. =M<P=Xerxes

    =M<P=Xerxes Guest

    But you have to admit a big boot is needed to sort out this section and get the servers sorted. Bookables are up but still can't book them. Both type of servers not upgraded yet after a week since the patch been out. That is too slow in this world. The IGI2 servers was the only place when I saw anyone on the servers. Now dead like the rest. What do think of the patch? Seems a lot more stable.

  4. I dont understand why its being ignored, Jolt looks better and better everyday - cheaper clan servers, upgrades done to there servers, and of course admin response. Even newer online game services who are still setting up are giving better responses than we get in here.
    The patch is much better for a lot of things - they have definetly got rid of the worst bugs - still need a few problems fixing tho.

    Time to tell Elvis to get his little green buddy in here and then maybe barry can do a little time travel for us and go back and fix these things?
    Maybe Ill just talk to Ted though :)
  5. =M<P=Xerxes

    =M<P=Xerxes Guest

    Seems that the jolt IGI2 forum is more active also found another IGI2 irc channel lol.


    Also a jolt one but not going to put it on this forum. Don't want the suits to kick me off.

  6. =M<P=Xerxes

    =M<P=Xerxes Guest

    I've mailed ted but now't back yet.

    Get more from jolt. Well Think that's were you'll find me most these days then.


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