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    GAME.NET Clan Servers are here!

    If you've never heard the term "Clan Servers" before they are like your very own bit of the GAME.NET server empire that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you full control over the server settings and also complete admin power, the option also being there to make the server available to all the public to join should you choose that kind of server. We are especially proud of our new service because we've managed to come up with an offer that:

    - Has very low prices, charging you only for the most expensive game / mod you choose to buy
    - Gives you the choice of public or private servers
    - Gives you full FTP access to tinker with the server if you so wish
    - Allows you use the easy to configure system that has made our Bookables so popular
    - Gives full in-game control
    - Utilises the GAME Bank system to allow you to share the cost of your server with your friends
    - Includes a free TeamSpeak channel and web hosting
    - Doesn't skimp on the service with a vastly experienced team maintaining the servers & managing our network

    With 28 player public BF 1942 servers retailing at under £51, 14 player public Halo servers for under £35 and 12 player private Quake 3 servers for under £26 we think you'll find we are amongst the most competitive offers in the Clan Server market and you can price up & order your own server here.

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