Fully stocked merchant


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 8, 2004
My merchant is now fully stocked with (mainly) good items.
Ranging from TK shields, Shattered and reinforced mini ring, 4X7% resist gems, Rogs upto and including 99% qua.

99% LvL 51 slashers and thrusters (275g)
99% LvL 50 crushers (200g)
Lvl 51 99% Small and Large shields 30/65g

I have no idea on the going prices for jewellery so you might be lucky and pick up a bargain like the mini who got my first Shattered and reinforced ring for 250g

Don't worry fellow merchants I will not always have these lower prices. Once I have my 40p house upgrade I will up my items as I dont want to see a downward trend in item prices.

Edit - Got Pixies, all colours (think at least 4 of each) in stock 50g a reamin. Several other trophies on near by house (174)

My House 178 Caerwent. Nearest stable Alis.

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