Frost/Arcane Mage Build


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 29, 2003
Just looking for some advice/recommendations on This build really. Having gotten my Warlock to lvl60 apparently i'm not content with being msg'd for Summons every five minutes, i'm now setting my sights on being harrassed by people begging for water/portals.

Honestly, you'd think I were into self-harm or something :)

Arcane Talents - 19 points
Arcane Subtlety rank 3/3
Improved Arcane Missiles rank 5/5
Arcane Concentration rank 5/5
Improved Arcane Explosion rank 5/5
Evocation rank 1/1

Frost Talents - 32 points
Improved Frostbolt rank 5/5
Ice Shards rank 5/5
Winter's Chill rank 3/3
Piercing Ice rank 3/3
Cold Snap rank 1/1
Improved Blizzard rank 3/3
Arctic Reach rank 2/2
Ice Block rank 1/1
Improved Cone of Cold rank 3/3
Frostbite rank 5/5
Ice Barrier rank 1/1

Anyways, any advice would be welcome :)


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 28, 2003
As an Ice-build I'd go for Shatter/cold snap too. Maybe drop the blizzard. and the one point in counterspell is pretty much a waste I think :)

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