friday's hibbis.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 21, 2004
Its friday and the hibbis is getting more more lazy. Here im getting my self a stealthgrp, greaat! i run to hb, almost... i look back.. hey, where did my stealthgrp go? well.. some of them had run on the side of me, yes, albis! THEN, WTF!? one of them run alone to the fg of albis, dies and says " great we attack together ......."

i disband after getting wtfpwned at hb.

Then back again! great alone! , i run to the east of PK, WTF tiacc the bonedancer, HIM im gonna get, his getting attacked by druid, easy target .hahaha . NO , i miss my PA's and run like a headless chicken to PK, dies :/ then i SPAM like 13 year old child, HEY THERE IS A BONEDANCER EAST FOR PK! and /yell

i see a fg hibbs runnning from pk... ... on the road.. west... :/ wile tiacc blows kisses to me, i spam again, hello easy RP for those who want to the east of PK!. nothing...:/

I lob hibbis.. but this takes the cake :/


One of Freddy's beloved
Jan 25, 2004
we disbanded the grp now ;)

happy fragging m8

greetings, chewin/astra


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 3, 2004
Well for some reason i had the same feeling this evening.
I remember this morning allso grouping with you, just 2 of us all went ok. :clap: :clap: :clap:

nn now sleep tight :m00:

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