News French shootings

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Job, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    Don't you :m00:me you condecending dicktrickle.

    I wasn't saying he's either, i even said that it's boringly the guy in question, so learn to read. Oh no wait, you're in america, you don't need facts.

    I was posting when it ws going down, you posted after. Go Sicko power 20/20 hindsightvision!

    So yeah, don't :m00:me motherf*cker.
  2. caLLous

    caLLous I am a FH squatter

    He be deeeed.
  3. Uncle Sick

    Uncle Sick One of Freddy's beloved

    At the time of your initial post most of what I listed was already on the news.

    So: :m00: to you.

    Love the name calling, too. Sorry for not agreeing with most of that verbal diarrhea that you
    +1 post count here. It's called: my opinion.

    And sorry for living in a country that has more to offer than saunas, birch trees and ungodly suicide rates.
    Don't be jelly.
  4. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    Only reason you reply to anything i post is your butthurt from years back, you haven't changed one bit in 6 years, but if you're going to whine and cry about it, atleast pick a post that says what you claim.
  5. Uncle Sick

    Uncle Sick One of Freddy's beloved

    Butt hurt about what? You being a spam bot? Hardly.
    I stopped posting because I moved across the Atlantic and was too busy with real life and all.

    You're the one who's getting all aggressive every time I dare to differ in opinion/reply to your spam.

    So do refresh my memory, how did I get butt hurt? I'm curious.
  6. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    Nah, can't be bothered since you never stay on topic and every time start the same insults etc.

    Come back when you A: learn how to read and B: learn how to stay on topic.
  7. Shagrat

    Shagrat I am a FH squatter

    you sure your not describing yourself there toht? :whistle:
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  8. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    To a degree perhaps, but nothing special compared to the rest. You'd be hard pressed to find one thread i've taken off-topic.
  9. gunner440

    gunner440 Hey Daddy Altman

    Jew Shootings. Jootings.
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  10. soze

    soze I am a FH squatter

    And it begins the sun are asking why a known Terror Suspect was left to run free and kill people. I am fairly sure that same rag was all up our governments arse about denying Terror suspects their freedom.
  11. Uncle Sick

    Uncle Sick One of Freddy's beloved

    I laughed long and hard about that post, Toto.

    No idea what your problem is, but I suggest getting over it. It's the heart healthy thing to do.
  12. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    I don't have a problem.

    You've been dragging something you misunderstood for 3 days now and see nothing wrong in it. Take a mirror, look, realise.

    Oh and FYI; i don't spam. I post a lot, there's a clear difference.
  13. Chilly

    Chilly Balls of steel

    fuck off both of you
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  14. Job

    Job The Carl Pilkington of Freddyshouse

    Sick, have you got a browser extension that adds a condescending remark at the end of every post.

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