For people having problems logging into the account pages to subscribe


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Dec 22, 2003
I remember having lots of problems last time, basically trying every minute for about 5 days to log in to register my SI account.
After a bit of investigation I found the problem to be my ISP's saching of the web pages meant that no matter what the unavailable page came up when I tried to get in.
The solution to this is to enter a manual proxy into IE to bypass the ISP's caching.

The settings can be found in Tools->Internet Options->Connection Tab->Advanced

Then go to Open Proxies and put the IP address and port in. Close down IE, open up and try again a few times. This does get rid of a number of the log in problems.
Although do remember once finished to remove the proxy settings otherwise your web browsing will be slower than a three leggeed horse in quicksand.

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