Football to have salary cap


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Dec 22, 2003
About bloody time too!

I cant see the justification on players like Campbell and Shearer earning the salaries that they do. Yes they are very good at their jobs and it aint their fault that they earn this.

Its hitting the lower league clubs and also the supporter! In a lot of cases also it makes certain players think they ear £x per week therefore I want This,That & This and NOW! hopefully with the capping of wages and "lower" wages it will bringa little more reality into the footballers lives!

I am a great fan of RL and after the match I go in the RL Club and have a drink with my mate. The players when they have changed come in too and have a laugh with us and geta round in etc. You will NEVER see this in football unless things like the capping of salarys are brought in!

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