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Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by cHodAX, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. cHodAX

    cHodAX FH is my second home


    Personally I think they are insane, in the two seperate years he has managed them they won La Liga each time. Ok they don't play the prettiest football but it wins trophies and they could work on making it a bit sexier as time goes on. Instead they sack a manager who wins things and will now replace him with someone who will be lucky to last 6 months. A shocking way to run a football club if you ask me.
  2. soze

    soze I am a FH squatter

    The News i read though he was sacked for letting Beckham go as he was making them £50mil a season in shirt sales. If thats the real reason it is even worse.
  3. Marc

    Marc FH is my second home

    Didnt he also get sacked last time he won the league with them? Sure he did.

    Also, in 2002 ( I think) the then manager won the league and champions league and got sacked lol
  4. Wonk

    Wonk Can't get enough of FH

    Real Madrid in a nutshell.

    Although im glad he got sacked. Real played some very boring football last season :/
  5. Vasconcelos

    Vasconcelos Part of the furniture

    I can speak from the pov of sum1 who pays year subscription to watch RM at Bernabeu stadium.
    Im pro-Capello. Always been and always will. Its one of the few, if not the only manager who can assure you 1 title /season. Look wot he has done with Real: with a couple of hirings (Vantheman, Diarra and Cannavaro; Emerson only stepped in at the end of the season), he has managed to win La Liga over a Barca which was supposed to do march over all the trophies they had played ("galaticos" syndrome any1?? ). He has managed to control a playerbase full of pride, prima donnas, and lazy "nightfever" freaks by purging some ppl (Ronaldo, Cassano n to a minor extent R.Carlos).

    I have to admit that i lost faith on Fabio sumwhere at the mid of February-March (that qualy vs. Bayern.... jeeesh :( ). Honestly, the team played horrible, handling the lead of the matchs to the oposite team n playing the few wildcards on hand (VanNistelrooy ace season, Sergio Ramos scoring at corners n faults, and Becks on freekicks). However, the last part of the season, if not for the playstyle, has been one of the most exciting i have ever seen. Fabio managed to "buff" the team with courage and a lust for winning every match no matters the odds (victories by the minimum coming often from adverse scores, like that 4-3 against Espanyol after losing 0-3). Honorific mention to Massimo Neri, the fitness coach will be one of the most missed staff members after this decision. Was amazing to see how the players were able to get throu 90-100 minutes games and still keeping the pace n the stamina for scoring critical goals.

    Wot next??
    Schuster. A "newb" manager who has pushed Getafe (a team which was on 2B division not so long ago) into UEFA position. It is said, his teams perform a nice fotball, enjoyable, etc.... I rly hope he can manage this with a playerbase loyal to Capello. My prediction: he wont cheer the new year at Madrid (hope im wrong).

    Give me Capello anyday.
  6. Thadius

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    A little birdie told me that Real want Wenger
  7. Wonk

    Wonk Can't get enough of FH

    a little birdie told me that Wenger wants a team he can stay with for more than 1 season.
  8. ilaya

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    i wish newcastle played boring football but still won titles...

    how can your team scoring goals be boring i ask you? real madrid want kevin keegan in charge or summit? more exciting but you wont win anything... then will come the sack ofc..
  9. CorNokZ

    CorNokZ Currently a stay at home dad

    Give Laudrup!
  10. Influenza

    Influenza Part of the furniture

    Vicente del bosque , won the champions league in 2000 , la liga 2001 , champions league again 2002 and la liga again 2003 , then sacked lol.
  11. Thorondorito

    Thorondorito One of Freddy's beloved

    I dont think Bernd Schuster will last only 6 months... he is a nice coach, he took his team (Getafe) to the final of the cup.
  12. Vasconcelos

    Vasconcelos Part of the furniture

    Except that he was useless as manager (havent coached any1 since then, besides 8 months at Fenerbace where he got sacked).

    Having Ronaldo, Zidane, Figo, R.Carlos, Raul, Casillas, Hierro, Makelele... at the edge of their careers..... Even my grandma could manage to win titles with that team.

    However, when some matches required tactical managing, he was totally unable to do the right substitutions or change the playstyle, etc....
  13. Vasconcelos

    Vasconcelos Part of the furniture

    Almost confirmed he will coach Getafe next season

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