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First post

Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by old.Osy, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. old.Osy

    old.Osy No longer scrounging, still a bastard.

    I am possibly the only one playing Eve around here. Thanks for my own section.
  2. DrBB

    DrBB Fledgling Freddie


  3. SheepCow

    SheepCow Bringer of Code Staff member Moderator

    People don't still play this do they? :)
  4. Neural Network

    Neural Network Fledgling Freddie

    I took advantage of the 10 days free offer, but I felt borred after an hour.
  5. Nightchill

    Nightchill One of Freddy's beloved

    so... do people still play EVE? I did closed beta for a month then couldn't bring myself to buy the release. How many servers are there?
  6. old.Osy

    old.Osy No longer scrounging, still a bastard.

    There is only one Eve server, that's the beauty of it. The server itself is formed from many clusters (linked PCs), which maintain the world mainframe. Truely MMO.

    As for people playing Eve, we have well over 4k people online at primetime, and the number of players never goes down under 2k, as the server is populated with people from all around the world, thus different primetimes for each.

    I'm enjoying it so far, I like the freedom you get. Besides, they just introduced Castor, a big hunky patch, with lots of goodies. Things got shifted around, npc pirates are now tougher, agents got improved mucho, and tech level 2 stuff blueprints appeared.

    Give it a try.
  7. Brutal Deluxe

    Brutal Deluxe Fledgling Freddie


  8. Tom

    Tom FH is my second home

    Perhaps I'd still be playing it if they'd released the game with the features promised. All I got was a crummy beta release.
  9. Machiavelli

    Machiavelli Fledgling Freddie

    I've been playing since August and i find it the most amazing game i've ever played (and i've played a lot).

    With the new Tech 2 patch it's now truly player-driven - agreed it's not a game to suit everyone but if you liked Elite back then, you'll adore Eve now.
  10. Athan

    Athan Resident Freddy

    I've been playing EvE religiously since the last week of April (snuck in on the last 10 days of beta). Loved it for quite a while, then got bored, twice, and took 2-3 weeks of break both times... now I got bored of it again... then they release tech2... but what they've done with NPC pirates is a bit OTT. Sure, it's nice to have REALLY tough groups of them that you need a bunch of people to go at, but not EVERY FRIGGING spawn in lowsec space ffs.

    My current options seem to be ninja mining bistot/arkonor in Fountain (yup, I'm in BIG, a member corp of FA), or run around getting bored senseless doing Agent missions in Aridia (wanting to stay close to Fountain in case of PvP) on the offchance that I'll (or a corp mate) get a skillpack for one of the skills of the few R&D agents in the area requires, on the offchance that I actually win a BP lottery...

    Upshot of all this, I've been playing LOTS of Desert Combat lately. Mayhap if they make solo(ish) NPC hunting viable again where there's actually profit to be had I'll put in the crazy amounts of time I had been previously.

  11. Machiavelli

    Machiavelli Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah - that's the most annoying bug with Castor but it'll be fixed soon (tm). I can't wait for mobile refineries and such like.. it'll make the game *insane*

    yeah, Eve and BF with ma clan.. there ain't time for anything else!
  12. Tenko

    Tenko Fledgling Freddie

    I only came into the forum because I reckoned I'd have 1st post

    BAH! :(
  13. Embattle

    Embattle Resident Freddy

    Yes you may adore it now if you enjoyed Elite back then but sadly it is just too late for many.
  14. Susanna

    Susanna Fledgling Freddie

    I loved Elite.

    However, after beta I just kind of lost interest in EVE. I'm not really sure why, though; I liked it in beta, bugs and all.

    I suspect it's the lack of actual character interaction.
  15. Slug

    Slug Fledgling Freddie

    I have EVE, i was enjoying it. I even got as far as to get a Scorp Battleship, then it wass destroyed and i lost all interest in the game, its funny how somthing so trivial in most other games can make you stop playing in EVE. :touch:
  16. Imaboyo

    Imaboyo Fledgling Freddie

    People who say they lost interest after beta and have given it a second try since then have said it has greatly improved and there is loads more to do.

    The client is only £10 from here :)
  17. old.Osy

    old.Osy No longer scrounging, still a bastard.

    Are you aware that you can download the client for free from the website ? / download section.
  18. Milkshake

    Milkshake Loyal Freddie

    You gotta pay extra to start an account from a downloaded Eve.

    So, yes, the download is free, but you pay more later.

    Fun fun fun...
  19. inactionman

    inactionman Can't get enough of FH

    Saw that, was looking for something to play until WoW or City of Heroes comes out, so I bought it. Hope things really have improved since the beta, as I remember reading books whilst mining, in fact I remember playing advance wars on my gameboy! Oh well, you can't really complain for a tenner!
  20. Elcyion

    Elcyion Fledgling Freddie

    I played beta and its was, well, very boring. So in what way has the game improved?
  21. Taen

    Taen Fledgling Freddie

    You would have to try it again to see ... a lot has changed
  22. Kokelimonkelmedisin

    Kokelimonkelmedisin Fledgling Freddie

    CCP is a small company, they only run this MMORPG and it only has one server. This enabeles them to provide ALOT better customer service and they listen to feedback and try to make the game better for everyone all the time.

    CCP is basicly the opposite of mythic = Great :)

    Well at least I value this aspect of the game, and the fact that it is not as time consuming as other MMORPGs, you can log on for 10 min and still get a fair ammount of stuff done :)
  23. Pihls PW Guildmaster

    Pihls PW Guildmaster Loyal Freddie

    well I play EVE

    I love the game run 2 acc

    I got some BS and a army of frig + some cruiser and I have fun every day


    ccp support :worthy:

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