Discussion in 'Command & Conquer Series' started by whipped, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. whipped

    whipped Guest

    Finally got around to finishing the Chinese campaign in Generals. Which one should I go for next? American or GLA? I'm thinking american as the GLA seems like it's going to involve a lot more troop movement as opposed to vehicle building and I like my big vehicles.
  2. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    Take it its good then whipped?

    Got this a couple of weeks back just not had time to play yet.

    Is this one devoid of FMV?
  3. Wij

    Wij Guest

    It is NOT good. Nearly finished the chinese campaign. Bored :bore:
  4. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    bah :( shame, and I like that smilie wij lol
  5. whipped

    whipped Guest

    I'm enjoying it at the moment. Certainly the most beautiful of the C&C series, and apart from the intro there is no dodgy FMV. All the build up to the missions is down using the in game engine and it works rather well.

    Also, I'm sure the only reason Wij didn't like it is because it isn't Age of Mythology ;)
  6. Wij

    Wij Guest

  7. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    thanks whipped. I'll give it a go, Wij loves AoM as he can thrash me in 3 mins flat :p
  8. Wij

    Wij Guest

    Generals is teh sux :-

    Control is awful
    Units take forever to move
    Unit balance is crap
    Economic model is b0rked
    Unit AI is laughable (I'm being attacked but since the enemy is outside my range of attack I'll just sit here until I die)

    AoM is teh winn !!!1
  9. Sir Frizz

    Sir Frizz Guest

    Wij is gh3y, don't listen to him.

  10. Wij

    Wij Guest

    No. I'm bestest evah !!1 :p
  11. VidX

    VidX Guest

    Personally I prefered the FMV in the previous games, it brought a storytline to them.

    Generals seems more like single missions with no actual storyline tying them together.

    Yes, it is slow, it is missing the option to turn super-weapons off, and it is back to the usual tank-rush tactics in most circumstances.

    But it's fun and a bit of a change :)

    Out of the 3 campaigns, I found that the Chinese one was the most fun. There was a bit more involvement to them.

    Of course, in multiplayer I prefer playing GLA, can't beat upgraded Techs with full promotion with rocket infantry in them :)
  12. Sol-

    Sol- Guest

    finally you realised your gay xDDDDDDdd
  13. ultra_charge

    ultra_charge Guest

    I got this system to play generals online with it, as the original generals online system is really rubish, and i was told in store that will work with it. but i have look over this entire sight and i cannot find anything stating that this game is supported is it or isnt it? i will try tonight with the game anyway, but if anybody could tell me in the mean time then that would be cool, thanks, Ultra_charge
  14. Tasans

    Tasans Guest

    General sucks, finished the campaigns in 1 full day played and now i get bored with scirmish :(
    I want more urban infantry-only maps, the 6th chinese campaign was the most exciting imo.
  15. adams901

    adams901 Guest

    fucking game is a joke in multiplayer. Long gone are the tank rushes, now you just get rushed by loads planes, and these are not any simple planes, these are American planes and are untargetable until they have dropped their bombs, which is no fucking good because as soon as your power is out you cant shoot back anyway.

    My review = Piece of shit unbalanced game.

    Think ill go back to red alert.
  16. tris-

    tris- Guest

    thats because your crap :p too much static defences and building all your power stations in one place = :scared: if your playing GLA you have no power anyway so the stinger sites will always work unless they blow up + you need gattling trucks with them.

    if your china build loads of bunkers with rocket men inside them and a few gattling guns

    if your america make loads of humvees with rocket men and TOW missle upgrade.

    even if the invicible plane attacks he goes 50% slower on the way out and should die easy.
  17. Lester

    Lester Guest

    I've seen the adverts on the telly featuring the Baghdad campaign and tbh it does look a little one-sided.
  18. Wij

    Wij Guest

    Indeed the US air-superiority really unbalances things. AA fire is really ineffective. Also the GLA troops have a tendency to 'go civillian' and just stay there. A bug surely ?
  19. Lester

    Lester Guest

    The Americans seem t have a bug with the "ctrl" force fire thingy too.
  20. tris-

    tris- Guest

    AA fire isnt ineffective, i use gattling trucks for my main air defences as GLA with a few stinger sites for backup and i rarely have my base bombed by anything. and all it takes is 2 gattling trucks to shoot down a chopper in about 5 seconds, even faster when they are promoted.

    and i dunno what you mean about the GLA bug, thats all i play online and ive never had any bugs with them except the angry mob not running together all the time.
  21. Lester

    Lester Guest

    What about the chemical weapons trucks newbie? I can't seem to find any.
  22. tris-

    tris- Guest

    build a the demo truck in the arms dealer, click the truck then select biological instead of higher explosion or what ever it is.
  23. Tasans

    Tasans Guest

    US air superiority is a bit joke tbh, 5 promoted commanche accompanied by a few tomahok can demolish everything in sight. And there is no way to defend against those aurora thingies planes. Oh well OVERLORD ZERG.

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