Final Fantasy: Unlimited Saga


Can't get enough of FH
Dec 22, 2003
Well, what can i say, totally different from what Square normally does, this game is quite odd in respects as to how it works as an RPG, its a bit like DnD, a bit like Final Fantasy tactics yet still has the streak all the FF games do, i think this isnt an official FF game either despite being relased by square enix.

The gfx arent exactly what you come to expect from a PS2 game but what the hell, the story is quite slow at first with the usual "starting off as a day trip what turns into an adventure" but changes somewhat as you gain and lose party members throughout the game, theres a lot of chance based parts of the game such as traps on the map areas.

The official site for the game is here.

Some screenshots:


Although the game may not appeal to quite a few due to the way it plays, its still quite a very good RPG game nonetheless, reading the manual for this game is a must, took me about a week to get used to the controls! :eek:

A very innovative part of the combat system is the combo system, where you select a set amount of moves etc for your characters to perform and you get a combo roll before the combat turn, this decides how high the chane is of the combo being fully performed without it being broken by the enemies that you are facing, needless to say the more enemies there are facing you the highest chance of your combo being interuppted and your characters being hit quite hard! :p

Graphics: Not really up to PS2 standard but are innovative.
Gameplay: Slow at first however the pace quickly picks up once you get more chars in your party
Lifespan: Depends on your first impressions really, it can have you playing for months maybe not, the replayability it quite good also since there are 7 scenarios to complete and 1 last one i think where all the characters come together.
Rating: 8/10

Id reccomend it if your a fan of FF but also like your DnD. :D


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
Didnt tghink this had anything to do with FF. Anyways, had it for 4-5 mnths )US) and couldnt get on with it at all

Scooba da Bass

Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
It doesn't have anything to do with FF and it bored the hell out of me. The overly cutesy graphics style really annoyed as well.

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