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Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by censi, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. censi

    censi Can't get enough of FH

    Just interested as this has happened to me 2 times in daoc now

    Im stealthed and a pretty long way away from you around 1900 at a guess. you run past me quite a distance away from me. I try to buff sheer, but the timer on it say I must wait 155 seconds for re-use, so I restealth.

    That action seemed to aggro your pet instantly. Now it is pretty imhumanly possible to target and set that pet on me in the time I destealth and stealth, it would have very hard to even see me (in fact if you time the sheer and restealth well u dont become visable). Even if you could have targetted and hit attack the range on how far u can set you pet is pretty short (around 1500-2000 I think? can anyone confirm this). I am also sure you didnt target me and attack because you seemed to carry on runnning the way you were going for a while then a few secs later you saw your pet was wandering off and came looking for me. I wasnt in range for the pet to auto aggro me thats for sure.

    Same thing happened to me once on magon, I tried to buff sheer from miles away but it was not up and it aggro'd the pet instantly, even though the timer was down and it did not fire.

    Just wondering what happened from your point of view? did you actually see me and set your pet or did it aggro me without you doing anything? Got a feeling this is some wierd bug. Im not trying to say you iz hacking, im pretty sure this is a bug of sort and that for some reason its aggroing the pet in some way. (Was a funny though I managed to gateway out just before pet reached me!)

    anyone else had this happen to them with buff sheer?
  2. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    sounds like it's triggering the aggro pet bit before it does the check for timer...
  3. censi

    censi Can't get enough of FH

    thing is if you buff sheer a target it doesnt generate aggro.

    I do it all the time to pet class characters without it getting aggro.

    This doesnt happen all the time I try and buff sheer a pet class but fail cuz the timer is down. So its not like a consistent bug.

    /shrug no idea what it was tbh. just curious what the other chap saw, cuz he was prolly like thinking where the hells my pet going.
  4. Puppet

    Puppet Resident Freddy

    I got aggro from a cabalist pet who was about 2K units away from me when I created javelins of flame. After summoning em I restealthed to see the cabalist pet suddenly home in to me. Luckily I could get away (well out of face range for the caba so he pulled his pet back) but I think pets use radar and can home in on people briefly bleeping up on their radar or so :p
  5. Huntingtons

    Huntingtons Resident Freddy

    ban pets! radar using scum!
  6. lofff

    lofff One of Freddy's beloved

    yesterday my pet soloed 4 scouts who added on us from the top of a hill :e
  7. Vodkafairy

    Vodkafairy Fledgling Freddie

    ye, that put a smile on my face :D so funny
  8. Jika

    Jika Fledgling Freddie

    :p ml9 pet of d00m :D + loff yelling on vent .. CHK THE PET THE PET :D:D
  9. Saveus

    Saveus Fledgling Freddie

    My simi is a well known radar freak! i runs off and gets me sbs!! good lil guy he is. As for soloing 4 peeps with pet... My simi is an independant woman, a.k.a retard and in middle of fights runs off and never comes back lol.
  10. Aeoric

    Aeoric Fledgling Freddie

    When this mystery is solved - can anyone explain how our group can be in
    the water between the docks and the bridge - get involved with a group
    IN THE WATER - and mid fight 2 patrols from 1 keep and 1 patrol from a
    tower add

    (no pets/brittle guards that are out of the water, no AE spells that fall
    anywhere near the patrol routes (half the fight water underwater ffs),
    no one in our team ANYWHERE near the patrols)

    Yet I can be standing in amongst 2 patrols near beno and get jumped by
    a stealther and the patrols do nothing.

    Hibs bribe their patrols ?

    Patrols on underpopulated realms get 4,000 world unit aggro range ? BAF ?
  11. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    traps maybe?
  12. vintervargen

    vintervargen Banned

    /y on hib sends a Support the groundtroops message to all patrols within 5000 range.
  13. liloe

    liloe It's my birthday today!

    buff shear on ranger?? Or what is that funny thing you're talking about =) that cloak that can shear?
  14. Leathas

    Leathas Fledgling Freddie

    censi has ml10 cloak afaik,he/she shears with it
  15. censi

    censi Can't get enough of FH

    its just some funky bug I seen a few times with the sheer I think.

    Also heard from peeps that after you get sheered sometimes you cant rebuff, you have to relog to correct it....
  16. Ballard

    Ballard Fledgling Freddie

    This also happens if you duel someone and buffshear your own buffs off of them. You cannot rebuff them after the duel (nor can anyone else IIRC) untill they/you have relogged.

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