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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lorimez Shadowblade, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Lorimez Shadowblade

    Lorimez Shadowblade Fledgling Freddie


    As it seems that lots of us Vista users are suffering from problems and the Chronicles site seems to mention nothing of our plight, could you please use this thread to keep us updated about the progress regarding the issue. :confused:

    As you may read from other threads, lots of us are computer noobs and aren't as proficient in the use of the PC as others. Therefore the more information you can give us (Idiots guide? :)) the better.

    As you can apprecite it, some of us can't access the game where as those who can have managed to get their subscriptions worth out of today.


  2. - English -

    - English - Resident Freddy

    go to bed mate, i am - as are the gms :)
  3. Thadius

    Thadius Part of the furniture

    They dont even check here ;D
  4. Infanity

    Infanity Can't get enough of FH

    That is amazing. Mythic had a MAJOR problem with vista when they first released the patch etc.. and within a few days servers were down again whilst they repatched or smth :d

    Weird how they lack communication! ;d
  5. kirennia

    kirennia Part of the furniture

    You're only just now being surprised by a lack of communication? :D Sorry bud, had to be said ;)
  6. old.Whoodoo

    old.Whoodoo Can't get enough of FH

    A quick search of the herald, which I am sure even the n00biest PC person can handle, revealed this:

    Original link: The Camelot Herald

    Hope this helps, and sorry for Mr Gates screwing your day.
  7. - English -

    - English - Resident Freddy

    read that yesterday and its just a solution tofix a working problem... hope this mess is sorted before i get home from work :(
  8. old.Whoodoo

    old.Whoodoo Can't get enough of FH

    It might help if people said what the problem was, then maybe a tech head could answer it better.

    The most frustrating thing for anyone in IT is when helldesk calls simple read "It broke, you fix good!", instead of giving the actual problem.
  9. Lorimez Shadowblade

    Lorimez Shadowblade Fledgling Freddie

    When using ToA client - there is no load in data. It eventually goes to the character selection screen where I can't see any option for characters and when I do click where they'd be they are ghost like figures. When I log one in, it crashes to desktop.

    When using DR client - loads in fine but all characters have luminous pink faces! When I log one in the game crashes back to desktop.

  10. - English -

    - English - Resident Freddy

    Using lab client u can load to the char screen, click play - the bar gets around 60% then you get a Windows APP crash from game.dll.... i have tried redownloading the game.dll file but nothing changed
  11. Lorimez Shadowblade

    Lorimez Shadowblade Fledgling Freddie

    What I think really gets my goat is not the problem itself - hell these things happen and if they didn't check it beforehand then that is piss poor - but its the COMMUNICATION. If it wasn't for FH, how many of us would be suffering thinking that its just happening to me! I wish they'd acknowledge there is a problem and explain what they are trying to do to resolve it. :twak:

  12. kiniki

    kiniki Loyal Freddie

    Same thing happened when they patched the US servers afaik and they still havent bothered there lazy arses to do anything about this for the EU patch.... imo that sums up GOA......
  13. Craft

    Craft Fledgling Freddie

    What we have here are some noobs that have just bought vista and demand everything done right now - or else - or else what? You can't sit on your ass all day and play an online game for the next 8 hours? Grow up get a job and less hating - so much negative energy.
  14. - English -

    - English - Resident Freddy

    at work fyi... i was moaning about last night tbh... only free night off; (
  15. Lorimez Shadowblade

    Lorimez Shadowblade Fledgling Freddie

    Less hating? This from the most aggressive poster here - such irony :confused: Me thinks the summer holidays are here :england:

  16. old.Whoodoo

    old.Whoodoo Can't get enough of FH

    Sorry to burst your rather angry bubble, its not a case that people are being lazy bastards, they pay to play, and Vista is the future of opperating systems thanks to Bill Gates extraodinary powers of market capture. Until your post we were getting the problems out in the open from users, clear and concise information is what is needed for GOA and Mythic to sort the problem, not the crap you came out with.

    Passing whats useful to the GOA forums now, if anyone else has something half decent to add, please let me know.
  17. leviathane

    leviathane Part of the furniture

    lawl get a fcking clue mate.
  18. sp4nky

    sp4nky Fledgling Freddie

    I got this from the Herald site

    "Vista Users

    Posted By: Sanya Thomas 2007-03-30 15:10:34

    If you are a Vista user, you currently are not able to play the live game. We've been working on this non-stop for awhile now.

    You may have noticed that Vista worked on Pendragon, so why doesn't it work on live? That's because Microsoft put in a feature to help Vista work with older games, such as the five year old Camelot. This feature works with the file called "game.dll." Pendragon's file is not called that - it's called "tgame.dll." For various reasons, we have to keep calling the live file "game.dll," so we need to find a solution that doesn't involve renaming the file.

    Please don't try to rename the file yourself.

    We've been working very closely with Microsoft on this issue, but progress is slow. We're doing the best we can with this, and I am sorry for the frustration."

    Looks like they had the same problem but solved it in 2hours.....

    Seems goa did not ask them what they did to fix this when they had chance.
  19. leviathane

    leviathane Part of the furniture

    tried doing what it said but didn't seem to work for me. :/
  20. BigE

    BigE One of Freddy's beloved

    No we have people who pay £x.xx / month to GOA to play an online game. We get a patch in EU that has been out in US months, had a know issue with VISTA in US, yet GOA clearly didn't test this patch with Vista or they would have encountered the problem that from what it seems every Vista user is getting (im assuming this because no one has posted yet about having vista working). Now I've played since Beta so tend not to expect much from GOA and they haven't dissapointed again...

    No one is hating GOA just showing frustation at its subscribers being short changed again... <steps off soap box>
  21. Lorimez Shadowblade

    Lorimez Shadowblade Fledgling Freddie

    For those interested. Latest news from GOA.

    Discussion Thread
    Response (CM) 07/26/2007 05:07 PM

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we are aware of technical issues with Windows Vista and Dark Age of Camelot. We are working closely with Mythic regarding Vista related bugs and the issues you may be experiencing - this is our number one priority.

    All Vista related issues, information and fixes will be posted on our website: Chronicles of Camelot

    Thank you once again for your assistance and patience.

    Yours sincerely,
    European Dark Age of Camelot Community Manager

    Fingers crossed guys :fluffle:

  22. - English -

    - English - Resident Freddy

    why dont they post this on their website... would make people alot less pissed off.
  23. Lorimez Shadowblade

    Lorimez Shadowblade Fledgling Freddie

    Good point and I don't know why they wouldn't :(

  24. leviathane

    leviathane Part of the furniture

    so much fun to resub and get this shit. Payed for a game I can't play anymore.
  25. Lorimez Shadowblade

    Lorimez Shadowblade Fledgling Freddie

    I understand bud :fluffle: I've only been back a week meself but the best thing to do is to not fret over it. :cheers:

  26. VegetaFH1

    VegetaFH1 Fledgling Freddie

    give them time, thats all im gonna say, becuase by this time tomorrow, ill be joining the band wagon, my patients can only go so far, esspecaly since i only JUST rejoined daoc after being away for..... 1.5 years or so
  27. leviathane

    leviathane Part of the furniture

    £16 well spent :)
  28. emma

    emma Loyal Freddie

    You actually enabled your buffbot also o_O

    Only enabled my main account, but now I just dont have the time, too busy with the warhammer beta.
  29. Roaken

    Roaken Moderator Moderator

    Problem is all fixed now guys, you should have a small patch to download (2.8Mb) and everything should be Vista compatible, once again we thank you for your petience.
  30. Leahc

    Leahc Fledgling Freddie

    Thanks alot Roaken, you managed to save my weekend :D
    And .. eeh .. sorry for my harsh posts *blush*

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