Early attempt at Warrior spec for PvP

Discussion in 'Class Discussion' started by Jupitus, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. mank!

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    I prefer soloing because I find the rage build up more effective. I respecced last night and put most of my points into Arms, with a few into Fury for battle/demoralizing shout. I seem to be much more effective all of a sudden, especially at holding aggro in a group.
  2. mr.Blacky

    mr.Blacky Can't get enough of FH

    I think and this is with no experience playing either, that a choice would be dps and armor mix. Rogues don't get mail do they? I know for myself as a paladin I won't do the most dps (in an equal group) so there for I think of myself as playing last man standing and then rezzing the main rezzer :)
  3. Gat_Decor

    Gat_Decor Fledgling Freddie

    as you have done a time or two ;)
  4. Garok

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    How it works out is about 40% how you manage agro and about 60% how the rest of the group "lets" you handle agro :)

    As we know your designed to be WoW main meat shield and to be effective you need to have a nice base of rage with which to use your abilities. These to things realy go hand in hand ... With all adds hitting you, your rage bar will build up nicely alowing you to use your moves to keep agro on you.

    Aoe damage spells are great against lots of = or lower level mobs since they die alot quicker but are a BIG no no against elities since you cant keep the agro on you, and with out them hitting you it takes time to build up enough rage to gather the mobs off the mage. Saying that retal 2h wep + challenge shout can be used against elites sometimes with aeo nuking...

    For groups I tend to stick in deffensive stance since not only does it give me an extra 10% absord (vs 3+ mobs this is very handy) but also generates more threat. Useing Shield block and Revenge both which use low amounts of rage to absorb damage and stun. I like to keep my main target in the middle with the adds either side of the main target. But targeting each add and useing cleave (attack's the target and his nearest ally) will generate agro from both the add and keep my main target on me. Aslong as everyone assists on the main target I have no trouble haveing. I rarely ever use Thunderclap or Demo Shout since they arent half as effective as good targeting and mob positioning along with cleave at maintaing agro.
  5. Dillinja

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    Well my opinion on it so far is that every warrior should have it. I'm level 53 now and I critted a rogue the same level as me for nearly 800 damage with MS... now, bearing in mind that it is an instant attack, I think that it is just something that no warrior can do without. My axe is a big, slow one.. 3.8 speed, high dps, +23 strength. Warrior works best imo with big heavy slow 2 hand weapons since rage generates about twice as fast as it would with a 1 hander and 2 of our best abilities (MS and overpower) are instant - and you will want to make the most of these instant hits by doing as much damage as possible when you use them.

    I think that I've perfected my arms spec now, I might post it tomorrow, but I've screwed up my fury spec slightly. I've got 31 in arms and am putting the rest into fury for enrage which I feel is another must-have ability.

    All warriors should always carry a shield too. I'm virtually indestructible in instances with my sword and shield, but I do find it a lot harder to hold agro due to the reduced damage. 5000+ armour unbuffed. :)

    edit: this is probably the wrong place to be asking this, but does anyone have any ideas why screenshots are saved as TGA files? I can't even open them because of this. Is there someway to change it so that they are saved as JPEGS?
  6. Whisperess

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    It's lossless and extremely fast to save to (and very convenient) in comparison to jpeg, I guess that's the reason.
  7. k9awya

    k9awya Can't get enough of FH

    go 2h polearm cause blackhand doomsaw rocks dreadforge retaliator

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