EA Mythic Warhammer Press Conference


Fledgling Freddie
Oct 9, 2006

One of the words that both Paul and Jeff continued to mentions when it came to RvR game play was “skill.” They want to have player skill really be the difference in how characters win or lose RvR fights.
There are thirty three zones: six capital cities, three major PvE dungeons, and one high level combination RvR/PvE dungeon (think Darkness Falls in DAoC). Every type of terrain is in the game except a desert, but the mention of jungles made me think that lizard men will make an appearance. Paul did also mention a Nurgle-based dungeon with a Great Unclean One at the end. Jeff said that there is lots of large monster content in which many players can help to bring the beast down, but they are trying to get away from raids which have become the norm in many MMOs now. It seems like EA Mythic is trying to get the realms to really work together rather than just in individual guilds

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