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    Chat kills

    Chat kills will not be tolerated as it’s a cowardly way to duel. We appreciate the fact that players may try and use this rule to their advantage and any such attempt to waste time by chatting will incur point deductions from the match admin.

    Abuse & conduct

    The abuse of any admin or player will result in an automatic ejection from the tournament.

    Chat binds and Scripts

    Anyone using unsporting scripts and binds for taunts or moves is in violation of the Duels Day rules also during a match the Duellists should play sportingly and not use taunt. If you use any insulting or offensive binds (this will be judged by the admin), you will be warned a maximum of two times before a frag penalty is given to the offender.

    Cheating & bug hacks

    If you are found using any form of cheat or hack you will be banned from playing in Duels Day and any other event.


    As you are aware kick is only available with the dual (maul) bladed saber, this may cause problems, as you cannot disable kick at this time we ask the players to agree whether or not it is to be used if one of them is in darth maul mode. (The admin will ask this at the start of the match).

    Move Spamming

    The constant and repeated use of one move (spamming) is not allowed. If you spam your moves, the result may well be your ejection from the tournament.

    Special Move Spamming

    Also as you are aware there is a lot of “special” moves in JKA , the constant and repeated use of one move (spamming) is not allowed. If you spam your special moves, the result may well be your ejection from the tournament.

    Admins decisions

    If you disagree with an admin on any accounts of penalty of disqualification you should take it up with the Head Admin (kosh) in IRC on irc.quakenet.org #game.jk3. We’ll do our best to find some kind of solution to your issue.

    Match Format

    Time limit

    The 1st 2 rounds of matches will be 10 minutes in length

    The 3rd round matches will be 15 minutes in length

    The finals will now be 20 minutes in length

    Tied match's

    In the event of a tied match , we will play extra time, this will be in the form of a 5 minute match. If at the end of these 5 minutes we still do not have a winner we will play sudden death ie : 1st kill wins.

    Frag limit

    There will be no frag limit for any duels day match’s

    Force use

    The Duels Day custom Config only allows Jump, Attack and Defend Everything else is disabled.


    Each Duels Day will be excepting up to 32 players. Each player will be picked at random to play vs. another this means its pot luck who you will face.


    You will only have 10 minutes after the official start time of your match, to get yourself into the server. If you take any longer a default win will be awarded to your opponent and he/she will progress to the next round.


    This is a knockout competition. If you lose your match you’re out of the competition. There will be the following rounds

    Round 1 with 32 players
    Round 2 with 16 Players
    Quarter Finals / Group Finals with 8 Players
    Semi Finals with 4 Players
    Finals with 2 Players

    SUB players

    If by any chance there is a lack of available Duels Places, substitutes positions will be handed to any players who wish to play at the last minute. This means any one who fails to turn up will forfeit their position to a substitute player.


    All players are requested to be available in IRC for the duration of duels day so the Admins can contact you as and when needed. You will find us in #game.jk3 on Quakenet; on the night (or very close to it) you’ll be informed of the Duels Day IRC Room which will act as the nerve centre for the duration. If you have any questions about IRC please email a member of the Tournament Team who will be happy to help you.
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