Duelsday leauge 1v1

Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by RSO:Gray, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    Duelsday league 1v1

    welcome to the duelsday post Frag make this Sticky please @B)
  2. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Post stuck.... errm why lol?

  3. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    lol frag i just wanted some Glue in my life, no not really.

    im trying to get as much feedback asposable and trying to spam duelsday as much as posable to try and get people back to BW p2p or no p2p you can't mock these servers thay are still the best in terms of speed and playablity all of this is down to the admins and the way BW is run

    i do hope P2P will catch on cos if push comes to shove in the futcher all servers might go P2P makeing a monoply good news for servers bad news for us

    this is the risk p2p give us i think

    anyways i have run a server today to get a responce on the CFGs that will be used in the duelsday matchs

    cvars are as follows

    //Duel config
    //seta g_gametype "3"
    //seta g_allowDuelSuicide "0"
    //seta g_saberDamageScale "1.5"
    //seta g_dismember "300"
    //seta g_saberInterpolate "1"
    //seta g_weaponDisable "65531"
    //seta g_forceRegenTime "60"
    //seta g_saberTraceSaberFirst "1"
    //seta g_saberLockFactor "10"
    //seta g_duelWeaponDisable "1"
    //seta g_forceBasedTeams "0"
    //seta g_maxForceRank "6"
    //seta g_saberLocking "1"
    //seta timelimit "10"
    //seta fraglimit "20"
    //seta g_saberghoul2collision "1"
    //seta g_forcepowerdisable "141281"
    //seta g_duelweaponsdisable "65531"

    thanks to fragfodder for building a setup script to make admins lifes easy and mine less taxing

    any one here knows how to TONE down the kickdmg levels in jk2 please tell me outherwise ill be taking emails on this subject

    if you want to try out the server cfg email me @ tug-gray@barrysworld.com and i can set up a server for the day i will also supply you with the IP too :) anyways thanks for suporting us here at bwjk2l
  4. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Nice one

    I'm sure that if push comes to shuve you can find your first set of playing from the clans already enlisted in the BWJK2L.....

    However it would be a bonus if you could draft in freelance players :) Makes things all the more interesting :D

    BTW any idea on a date for DuelsDay 1?

    I've sent Bigfoot an email asking for some updates to the BWJK2L site to incorpotate the 1v1 and CTF league so something should be up shortly.

  5. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    well i was thinking the first one could be 3 weeks away if we can get the ball rolling first Frag

    for one i need to get that update from bigfoot and also get people to join the leage should be easy if i can get some Server binds up maybe ill edit the script you wrote and add a few Advertisement scripts for the BWJK2DDL i'm hopeing to get people registered on the website with there Email details so i can mass email all the players that will join the BWJK2DDL nearer to the start date along with a leauge table i will draft on paper then put it to a table for updating on the table each month

    i will try to make it simple looking yet fancy too

    we will see what i come up with too but if all goes to plain its looking like ether tuesday 24th or the friday/saturday running from 6pm though till 10pm depending on the pase of the players turning up we will need to have every one who plays in either IRC or MSN lets hope theres not anouther netsplit like the last two days :p
  6. .Keith.

    .Keith. Guest

    Vulcanas Adminmod has a kickdamage cvar so you can set the level , for example 50% of normal etc, i've lost the link to it tho atm :)

    Only way to do it afaik is with a mod.
  7. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Yeah m8,

    Its looking that way... cheers Keith

  8. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    if i can get this admin mod ill test it on my server my server is still running for testing so any one need to inform me of tweaks i can do please email me with them
    saberdmg will not be changed though as i am happy with the sabers effects and you should be to.

    changes that need to be made are to the following

    Kickdmg needs lowering need cvar or such
    knockback should it be more or less defual is 1000?
    saberthrow is disabled should it stay disabled?

    any outher sujestions will be Notied in my little BWJK2DDL note book im making


    chatkilling and chatting*
    during a match chat time is 10 seconds MIN 1 frag will be deducted for any chatbox over 10 seconds
    during a match if some one chats and are killed the killer will lose 2 frags as this is a NO NO.

    frag & time Limits*
    time limit will be set to 10 mins
    frag limit will be set to 0 frags

    all dark/light force will be disabled to make the game EVEN
    saber throw will be disabled [unset read above]

    In game chat binds*
    in game chat binds will not be permited this applys to taunts only
    prases will be allowed only at the begging of a match and at the end admins will only warn you once a second warning will result in 1 frag being deducted a third will result in disqulifcation

    game times and dates*
    all aplicants must be avalible to play if thay enter on the duelsday the first duelsday is estmated to be held on the 24th of september starting at 6pm running up till 10pm all players must be abled to be contacted vir IRC or MSN [IRC is prefered] if you are not willing to do either you can not enter Simple as that
    any one who needs help with MSN or IRC can contact me via email and i will try to help you

    Abuse and disrespect*
    any one who dose not respect admins or outher players or is abusive will be disqulified from all Duelsday events you will get three strikes if you are abusive any racisium will result in a auto BAN from all bwjk2l events.

    any players cought Cheating will receve a auto ban no questions

    game bugs*
    due to game bugs if thay are used perposly to cheat you will recive the same ban as cheating

    Falure to attend your spot in the BWJK2DDL*
    any missing players not here at the specified time will be replaced with a standby player (these will be players who signed up after the 32nd player who signed up)

    sign up?*
    any one wanting to sign up will have to email me @ tug-gray@barrysworld.com and just ask for a place first 32 get a spot any one after that will be put in a que for standby players and may be contacted on the day asking if they still would like to play in the torny. as this is a new event it is also an open one and any one can JOIN not just claned players

    why do i have to email why cant i post a reply here?*
    you will need to email me for one reson So i can contact you back Directly i cant post a reply to you here as you may not read it or you might read it too late. With email i can contact all the players at the same time and you all get a responce
    at the same time so check your emails if you enter @B)

    thats all fokes >:)
  9. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    I'll chase BigFoot up with those site alterations m8 so you can get this stuff posted on the site

  10. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    Shame we can't set up a PUBLIC server on barrysworld with duelsday Cfgs and make it NON p2p so every one can test the cfgs out and i dont have to run this server :p

    on [ip]

    all day

  11. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest


    *Caugh* Shameless Plug *Caugh*

    However you do have a point. If it was possible to have just 2 none p2p servers we could let peeps play the configs for TFFA, CTF when it gets announced and 1v1. Unfortionatly this defeats the object of the p2p scheme. I think I'll email BigFoot and see what he says about it. Bottom line we need to advertise. PC Gamer ran a review about the BYJK2L (Blue Yonder) saying how good it was but we only got 1 line saying "BarrysWorld are also starting to run a league" (or words to that effect). We're playing the finals after 6 weeks tonight (8 if you include the reorg) how the hell have we "Just" started? This isn't right and I think that's down to a lack of advertisment on our parts or a lack of reasearch on PC Gamer's.

    Remember the TFFA config was VERY popular. There where userly 13+ people in that server at any one time and during Peak hours (8-10 weekdays and all weekend) it was normally full. If you ask me, these servers are the best advertisment you can get for a league. Its just a shame that because of the servers going p2p there wasn't enough time to setup a Website URL Spam :(

    BTW does anyone have a contact within JK2Files.com? I'm looking to pimp the league in there but dont know who's the best person to approach.

  12. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    humm maybe we could Post the CFG file as a Plug and see if we can get any responce to it :p i made a little Scripty for the duelsday script myself that advertise some of the Bits including my email address.

    outher then that i had a look at that Admin mod thay guy keith (*gack jolt admin gack*) sujested it was a little to far strung and with the saber dmg at 1.5 anyway i think lowering the kickdmg would be a little pointless as its a good deturnt for side Attacks

    Guy knocks you down then runs to your side with a Lunge no time to push you can sidekick and kill him or he can lunge you and kill you

    :clap: :sleeping: :clap:

    at this moment i have a real strange Headake this is giving me Real Stress it feels like some one has just used my head as a jackhammer BIT to depave the LA star walk *OWCHY*
  13. .Keith.

    .Keith. Guest

    FF - It's quite interesting in the lack of research that news / media give gsps, only last month i rread on the BBC that all UK Gsps were going p2p

    *coughs loudly* ;)

    I'm surprised with the support that BW has had that it only got one line, i certainly didn't miss it and a lot of clans/players that i speak to know about it.....
  14. CAC

    CAC Guest

    if they know about the leagues keith why isnt everyone signing up for them?:p

    our clan played in the bwjk2l and had a great time playing in a well organised league

    we also play in the blueyonder league which by comparison is a bit of a nightmare/joke (you choose which word you prefer)

    anywayive forgotten what i was going to say now but it prolly had something to do with leagues running concurrently on servers

    but then again it might not been that at all

    ill get my coat shall i?

    l_o_b aka [JCC]CrazyAssCool
  15. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    About the PCGamer thing, aren't you talking about when they interviewed 4J.D33 cause thats down to one thing, he's head JK2 guy at BY.

    As for them all going P2P, no offense but Jolt looks like a right state at the moment, most recently their UT2003 servers aren't really up to the standard Jolt used to be, BY are semi-p2p and Jolt are 5 quid a booking when I checked so I actually started to see BW's deal in a new light.

    The interest in JK2 in general seems to be dying off, clanbase shut down a few ladders I think and the mod community isn't exactly thriving like it used to be, I've seen a few clans shutting down too.

    BTW: Dunno about JK2files.com tbh but jediknightii.net has an email address somewhere on the site for that kinda thing, I remember the BYJK2L getting pimped on the news page, worth a shot.
  16. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    Jolt is real Sucky tbh i mean its a fest for 12+ kids who complain when some one better comes along to kick Real ass and cos the pace is to fast for them they moan "chatkilla lamer lame ass" ect
    BW is probbly the best server host ever BY are almost as good but since p2p bw has just been a ghost town :(
    we will wait n see i hope the people that are Intecive players could just play on BW and pay for there subscription this would cut out most of the Imature kids cos there fokes won't pay anymore for internet then there BB costs so unless they get some cash themselfs nay to p2p for them guys :)
  17. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    Thats pretty much whats wrong with all the JK2 pubs, the difference is that BW was fast paced and always full and BY is admined well enough and doesn't encourage all that crap.

    I did love playing on the BWJK2L config pub though, it was fast and cool and if anyone moaned it was just STFU n00b :)

    Bloody chat box is more bother than good though, for every person who thinks "oh he's chatting I'll leave him" theres another who thinks "haha, easy prey" although I do get the point, its slowing things down and then there's the saber down brigade making things worse, its better with no box, people will chat only if they're fast enough or out of the road enough to get away with it and no arguments cause there's no way of telling.
  18. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    well jolts jk2 admins are aged between 15 and 20 so theres your problem there :p
  19. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    sabers down = peace Nay
    sabers down = easy frag yey
    tbh im not going to take all this chat killing bullshit any more
    you want to chat to some one in game Find a hiding place
    there was a time when i wouldnt kill a chatter but times a changing now i think i willl just have to chat kill cos i will only lose out on the easy frags :)

    my duelsday league will not have chat killers or chatters btw
    both will be under a frag loss rule :)

    hey sabers down nay mean peace cos you will always get some wise ass saying you can't attck me with sabers just so he can get some health n shields
    my way to deal with this is to force them to draw there sabers
    HOW: put your saber away then walk to the Sabers down = peace guy and kick the asshole to death this will do one of two things force him to draw saber or kick back
    if he dose any of them this means peace has been broken and you may kill him with sabers force or guyz :)
  20. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    Found the email addy for jediknightii.net (while I was looking at the new Jawa skin:D) news@jediknightii.net
  21. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    thanks Dude ill be shoure to use it wisely :)
  22. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    hehe be sure to pimp tha TFFA whilst you're there :p

  23. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    :eek: nicely done :)
  24. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    :) jk2.net got a good responce had 3 emails about duelsday today alone and i think we have hit the 32 player limit for duelsday this time but i think one of my clan mates are out well its the CL or should i say retired CL :( he has renounced his tital as clan leader for personal resons and has left the clan to myself and fellow team member All_Bad full news on it here

    word will be missed :(
  25. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    Well, least the other teams have one less good opponent to worry about :p

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