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Jan 23, 2004
I just wanted to get a lil feedback.. since im in doubt if i should change it - to get capped Emph.. and since it consists of 2 rogs, its nosense to post the item stats.
arts&shit: Champ wep, jacinas, egg, boz.

what i wanted was high dex(Sadly not hardcapped, but close), high resists,
25% buff/heal bonus, 10%range/cast, 45%+ powpool

dex98 con80 emp64 hits270

body24% cold20% heat22% energy6% matter21% spirit32% crush25%
thrust24% slash27%

Cap Increases
23 Dexterity
80 Hits
9 Empathy
5 Constitution
10 AF
25% Power cap Bonuses
24% Healing Effectiveness
13% Spell Range
47% Power Pool
24% Stat Buff Effectiveness
6% Duration of Spells
10% Casting Speed


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