Druid/ Bard players RVR spec grp spec pls help


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 21, 2004
i have not played a druid for long time and i have never played bard but have played a minstrel a very long time ago...

What i need is for anyone whos done rescent template cheap or expensive using the new armour bonuses to post there templates here or email me there file so i can see whats required in these for them to work..ive spent long time sorting my shade out kitting him and LOL its cost but im happy and want to contribute to open rvr more as well so this would help our realm by helping me.. thanks in advance

email damnnationx@hotmail.com <i use korts with a realy old database of items hence id love to see templates in file format so i can just open them>

Thanks in advance

ps forgot to say that druid only requirement is that i dont have to swap in more than 1 item for buffing so i guess more %enahance the better.

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