Dragon Raid?

Discussion in 'Albion' started by granny, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. granny

    granny Guest

    With 1.60 imminent I'm wondering if we could organise a dragon raid to start the flow of much-needed respec stones into the realm.

    Now I'd love to organise one myself but a) I've only ever been on a dragon raid twice myself and both times was in Hibernia over 9 months ago and b) I'm still a relative unknown here so I doubt it'd get very far.

    That said I'm happy to help in any way I can and would love to go on a raid and get a chance to ungimp myself (put 1 point too many into Soulrending and therefore can't get Leviathan :( )
  2. One to lead em all : Gombur !
    He will lead albion to defeat once again Golestandt, and run his arse off when loot split is comming :m00:
  3. :p

    Don't think the zerg tactics can be used anymore though ;o
  4. granny

    granny Guest


    (yes, I've been reading Alb/Excal boards ;) )
  5. Ye olde "let a theurg send an ice pet to get first AE then charge the dragon with every thing you have" tactict ;o

    Worked ok the 3 times we did him :)
    Just don't know if it would work.

    Oh and the last raid failed cause people just charged without being told :/ that was kinda discouraging.
  6. Farquady

    Farquady Guest

    Talking about discouraging.

    Last dragon raid I been on we had the excelent idea of disbanding and killing it without groups ... tbh, we did kill him. but only problem whas that nobody picked up the loot, so at that moment you got like 70 peeps standing arround a pile of perfectly good (for that time = before SI) almost licking the ground for the loot and than watching it time out.

    ooh well, I gues we need the respec stones.

    /em grins and hopes to get hold of one of these stones.
  7. edoa

    edoa Guest


    Best would if oen big alliance would hold it and then invite the smaller ones.
  8. I'm really rather desperate, give respec stone :p
  9. You've already respecced 3 times!
  10. I know I did, and the short time I spent as fire spec has given me a craving :p
  11. bone_idle

    bone_idle Guest

    Please tell us when your gonna spank your dragon. :D

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