Werewolf Dragon Raid Monday 24th 9pm gmt


Fledgling Freddie
Jul 20, 2005
Going to do Dragon raid since I have been away
All abion welcome but read How to kill the new Golestandt fast and efficient
Regards Escander


Fledgling Freddie
Jul 20, 2005
Just in case u dont no what to do

The Group

First of all you will need atleast a full group to down the mighty beast! But what setup is the best? You will be surprised when you see the setup that we use on the US servers! Ofcourse you still need clerics.. That's a given! But here is how we setup abroad:

Armsman(Must have 26% heat resists in template)
Scout/Paladin(but fastest with scout and it works better)

Now you are probably saying to yourself "Scouts? Has he gone mad?", and that's the exact same thought I had when I first joined a dragon raid with my ickle friar! What about mercs? Paladins? Or someone to take out all the nasty adds? But you will be surprised how big a difference scouts make in a dragon raid.. I'll try to explain everybodies role

The Roles


What do clerics do? Heal, buff and rezz.. That's it! And that's what they should do on a dragon raid! Don't start smiting adds or anything! Mostly just heal! Heal the armsman! That's how easy it is! Don't let him die, just keep healing him and keep fop up!

Why not heal the scouts you might think? Cause they will be out of your range and they will die sooner or later, so don't worry about them! Worry about the armsman and keep him up and alive! If he should die, PR him asap! No waiting or anything, just get him up, rebuffed and healed so he can get back on Golly.. That's what he's there for! Heal and rebuff if needed! Simple as that!

One cleric will set a groundtarget 2k from himself a bit from Golestandt. See explanation in armsman section

DOES THE ARMSMAN OR FRIAR DIE REZZ ASAP!!! You won't last long with no heat resists or main tank ;p

If you get silenced, don't just stand about looking like a fool! Spam that fricking button untill you start casting a spell! It works, mkay?


The armsman should be polespecced for more damage and better taunting! "But dude, with shield you'll block out most of his hits and take less damage!".. Yes you might block his 200dmg hit, but don't worry! You will have 2-3 clerics healing you! And it's not his hits that will kill you! It's the dragon breath! The insta 2k dmg will hurt, so be sure to have a proper template with 26% heat resists, lots of hits and a few realm ranks for aom4 and purge helps out a lot! Even throw in a heat myth to up to 56% heat resists! It all helps you and your group to stay alive!

Another very important thing for the armsman to do is STAY ON THE SAME SPOT ALL THE TIME! The clerics have set a gt where you should be stood at all times! If you move, Golly will be able to fly over you and agro the clerics! This is NOT good! Also if you move closer to Golestandt's Castle you will be out of healing range, and will most likely instantly die.. Therefore: Stay where you are!

Also, look at your buffs! The new Golestandt rips them, that big ol' bastard! If you lose any buffs, say it asap! You won't last long with no con buffs! 1 nuke and a hit can kill you with np! Look at your buffs and tell the clerics and the friar what you are missing! He rips off random buffs, so he can take off w/e he feels like, so keep a look out for all your buffs! If you should lose any buffs, the cleric with the best buffs will stop healing and run into range and rebuff!


I play friar on dragon raids.. Most of the time I'm watching Family Guy or some movie(Thank you mxn!) to pass the time, cause if it's a good grp, you're not really needed! The friar is basically just there to rezz the scouts, base buff them and give everybody in the group heat resists and end reduction.. It's that simple!

Other times, when the grps are not that good, you will be running back and forth between the clerics and the scouts to rezz and gain power.. Then there won't be time for watching FG or some other shit! Then you will need to focus on the game a lot!

So rezz, buff, give resists and try to snatch final blow on Golly! That's your job as a friar! Don't start hitting the adds, eventhough you got that leet lvl50 style! They will just resist it.. You're main rezzer! Also, just once in a while run up to Gole and give out heat resists, end reduction and the heal proc you got, just to make sure everybody has buffs

Last thing.. Don't hit Gole! The scouts and the armsman is already doing it, so why should you? He will just agro you and that's a mess once the friar gets agro.. Leave him alone and don't bother healing the scouts, cause they will die eventually, so it's just a waste of power basically!

Small note: If you're on 100% power and 2 scouts are dead, you rezz them both ofc! But when you get a slight bit of power again, give them heat resists , end reduction and base buffs right away!


Wait for Gole to drop to about 97% before you move in or you will just mess it up, get booted and framed here on Freddy's and you don't want that, so you better behave! 97% and you can move in on him.. And when I say move in on him I really mean move in on him! You gotta get so close that you can lick his feet! Like right beneath him basically..

So far so good.. But what kind of shot should you use? Forget about all the fancy new shit you got and go with the good old standard shot! It never failed you before has it? Nooooo..! So let's stick to what we know, shall we?

When Gole is down to about 20% you can start using Point Blank shot, to speed it all up a bit!

If you die, don't start moaning, cause the friar is inc to rezz you, so don't worry! If don't get rezzed, don't worry.. The friar is just at a fop gathering power again! He will be back for you, so don't worry!

Don't start melee'ing Gole.. Why would you do that? You have this tiny sword! Use your bow you twat! It's there to be used, so use it! STANDARD SHOT, mkay? No fancy pansy..!

Scouts also have another very important role besides doing a little bit of dmg to Gole and keeping him in combat if the armsman dies.. KILLING ADDS! If Golestandt spawns adds, shoot them! They won't agro you, since they are spawned to kill the armsman! All scouts assist on mob at a time! One mobs you can use whatever shot you like! For spawns I'd say use PB shot! It's fast and does a lot of dmg! There will be adds from the castle and they will go straight for the clerics! As soon as someone sees the adds from the castle are inc yell it out on /g or /bc so everyone knows that they are coming!

When everybody knows they are coming, scouts assist and kill them fast!! They need to go down before they are all over the clerics stunning and nuking them to shit!


Do you have a buffbot? lol! Who doesn't these days? If you do, park them on the hill to the right, out of Gole's reach! Put up a fop for the friar so he doesn't have to go too far for power.. Don't bother fully rebuffing your scout! Give him spec dex perhabs if it's looking good, but if it's a bit tight, he should get right back in there! And don't heal ffs..

The Tactic

Okay, by now everybody should know what to do.. But how do you actually do it? :x

Click to:

I'm really sorry about the brown! :x

That's how you set it up! Pretty simple! Everybody starts back at the clerics, gets buffed up and then the armsman runs up to the groundtarget 2k away set by the cleric who is in the middle! All clerics should have the same groundtarget, and same goes ofc for the armsman so he knows where to stand

When started Golestandt will fly up to the armsman and start doing his thing(nuking, hitting, silence, ns and turning you into a small stone giant which totally sux! If you have purge, purge it! It's worth it!). Armsman will just use his pole taunt style, coe taunt and stand at the same spot all the time! When Gole has dropped the first 3% of his health, scouts can move in and start shooting him with standard shot!

And since Golestandt is tethered to his castle, he won't move away from it and start agro'ing the clerics like the good ol' days, if they just stay the fuck away from him! 2k range or maximum heal range which is 2,2k away from the armsman and you'll be fine!

It is important that the scouts stand to the side of Golestandt to avoid the naste coe that he does! Also important for the friar, that when rezzing, come in from the side, would ya? Nothing worse than rezzing people and then getting nuked the fuck back to the stoneage.. Believe me, I speak of experience :p

If all goes well Golestandt will die within 10-15minutes and drop some phat lewt! Then you can have 10-30mins break where you can do whatever you feel like and then do it all over again for more loot


Feb 14, 2008
I would come but don't have any of the classes on your list .. if you are really desperate and need a Mercenary just send me a PM.

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