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Dragon Quests Tips 'n' Hints (HIB)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gwadien, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Gwadien

    Gwadien Uneducated Northern Cretin FH Subscriber

    After coming back from a short or long spell of no DAOC, you're probably thinking to yourself, oh no, not more PVE to keep up with the jones'

    So I thought it'd be good if people could just share some tips and hints for the dragon quests to make the pve side a little bit easier

    - The Road to Tailtiu

    This is a primary quest that you need to do in order to get the "friendly" faction with the Azure people it IS repeatable.

    I was told about this, - You can get someone to stand at the "Glimmer" spawn spot, and get them to kill the glimmer whilst you stand quite a distance away handing and recieving the quest, it saves alot of time running back and forth! :D

    - Heir to a Lost Homestead

    the "Knights" Are purple con, but i found a equivelent mobs that are Orange/Yellow called the Glimmer Striker and Griever, they are dotted around the zone - large amounts of them too!
    and the Ardents are Yellow/Orange also, but I haven't yet found anything equal to the Deathwatchers so let me know if there is! :)
  2. Commandment

    Commandment Fledgling Freddie

    i have friendly faction with those mobs, but for the life of me i cannot get the journey man to talk to me , or accept the draconian essence?

    im unsure as to how to do this, any help would be greatly apprecieated :)
  3. Influenza

    Influenza Part of the furniture

    Is that the stone for the armour/weapon? you need to get the quest from tir na mbeo 1st.
  4. Farhach

    Farhach Fledgling Freddie

    There are several other quests not mentioned here. The first ones i always do, are the ones that gets you neutral with tailtiu. They are given by the firbolg Cailean (he copied my vws name!). They include killing 4 glimmer feeders and/or killing a named (glimmer Meldun). After that you can do the Road to tailtiu and the 2 others given by the 2 npcs in the small hut just inside Tailtiu, to gain some standing. After that, speak to Sonfinin, where you get to kill Maladahar the glimmer prince. After that, you can do the 4 mini dragons or "minis" as they are called, for the dragon slayer armor parts. 1 round of killing all four grants one part of dragon slayer armor. When this is done (i think one time is enough) you get the quest for the dragon slayer weapon. So, to sum it up:

    1) Cailean - roughly 17k 5k. Gives the 2 first quests to gain neutral stance with tailtiu. 1st quest can be taken at level 35 (doubt i can be soled at that level though) and the 2nd one at 47 (pretty easy soloed by most)

    2) Cairn (inside tailtiu roughly loc 22k 8,4k) at the hut just inside tailtiu border. Gives the repeatable Road to tailtiu quest. Can be used to gain faction faster. Min level 48.

    3) Raykahn and Tristram (inside the hut just near Cain) Gives 2 tougher quests. Good exp and more faction gained. Gives the quest "Heir to a Lost Homestead". This one can be soloed by most 1/3 or maybe even 2/3 of the quest. But the 3rd type of mob that needs to be killed requires somewhere around 3-4 to be done easy and fast (usually high purple - level 55 maybe). Raykahn gives a quest as well, but i cant remember name of it. Think its something in line with killing 10 Dragonsworn mobs. Soloable, if you take the ones that arent linked.

    4) Attack on innis carthaig (lvl 47). I usually do it either before the first 2 quests, or just after, so i can go and talk to the npc at tailtiu entrance without getting guard aggro. Starts with the npc Glerraent in Innis carthaig.

    5) repeatable quests:
    Cleansing with light (lvl 40): starts in Ardee - kill 10 wisps in Bog of cullen, return to Ardee. Dark Age of Camelot

    Stealing supplies (lvl47): Starts in Innis Carthaig - pick up 10 crates inside the dragon sworn camp in Sheeroe hills and return to innis. Great exp and great cash. Dark Age of Camelot

    Then theres the "alternative" quests, as i use to call em. Thats more of a story really. They can be started a little here and there it seems. I think its easiest to start at Harris MacCullogh just outside the TNN castle. First quests are crap and are just for the story really. But as it progress, you can make loads of exp and cash. 2 of them gives nice rings as well. If you get stuck. Try speaking to the guy just outside TNN entrance, at the Mag Mell side. Name is Edward Plunkett (loc 16k 3,6k)

    Hope this helps some.:)

    /Farhach - master shroomer!
  5. Aballith

    Aballith Loyal Freddie

    Can I assume that these mentioned and all dragon related quests are in sheeroe hills?

    Last time I played was before even champ levels were introduced so I really don't have a clue where the start atm! Any and all help posted here is much appreciated :)
  6. eSo

    eSo Can't get enough of FH

    Remember that in the latest patches you need only the faction to get the armor, you don't have to do the quest but just to talk to the lurikeen guy at Tailtiu...

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