Don't you hate doing meaningless stuff...?

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Bugz, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Bugz

    Bugz Fledgling Freddie

    I've just spent (and still spending) 30 minutes devising a shitty love poem in the style of Blason for a homework - it's so meaningless and won't be needed for any of the exams - so why the fuck am i doing it.

    Your task: name something meaningless you've had to spend time on during the course of the last few weeks!
  2. leviathane

    leviathane Part of the furniture

    read this post olol someone had to say it.
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  3. Bugz

    Bugz Fledgling Freddie

    Ohhh fuck off xD
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  4. Congax

    Congax Fledgling Freddie

    Devising a poem is never shitty my Bugzy mate, it is perhaps a dull work but it required your thought and devotion to the poem! WORK HARDER BITCH!

    Anyway meaningless stuff: learning matrices for test tomorrow.

  5. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    Woke up.(top notch)

    Did my laundry.

    Got food supplies.

    Cooked something to eat.

    Filled out apartment applications, social applicatons, support applications so i my laundy, get food supplies, cook something to eat.

    Survived a day.

    No wait...i'll just leave it at "Woke up" :D
  6. Potato Junkie

    Potato Junkie Fledgling Freddie

    random bloke :)
  7. Coldbeard

    Coldbeard Part of the furniture

    Does existing count? :(
  8. Huntingtons

    Huntingtons Resident Freddy

    hoho take your life then?! <3
  9. Lamp

    Lamp I am a FH squatter

    Freddyshouse is pretty meaningless, lets be honest
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  10. CorNokZ

    CorNokZ Currently a stay at home dad

    Indeed.. Most of the time I log on here and find nothing but bs or absolutely nothing!

    Well Bugz, I've just read 20pages I can't use at all as it won't be in the exams either :(
  11. psyco

    psyco Fledgling Freddie

    ever since i left school at 16 i havn't done anything pointless, nore meaningless
  12. Coldbeard

    Coldbeard Part of the furniture

    Don't be so dramatic :D
  13. Gamah

    Gamah Banned

    So making all those ways to contact you under your name avaliable in the hope someone might like you was a good use of time?


    But I suppose if I want to sign someone up for a lifetime supply of gayporn will be the address to be used!
  14. Ezteq

    Ezteq Queen of OT


    this made me lololol so much irl!

    poetry is great man, im doing a lot of it for my course and if your planning on taking a levels then im pretty sure youll get lots on it then, tbh i cba with it when i first started this (aside from shakespere because i <3 him) but now i really enjoy it.

    anyhoo pointless stuff that i have to do... work at asda, its dull its pointless, its thankless and the money is crap I HATE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!

    also that and housework... but i dont do housework so :)
  15. Neffneff

    Neffneff Fledgling Freddie

    I put up a coat rack in the cupboard in my flat, which swiftly fell down 30 mins later taking a rather big piece of the wall with it.

    sorted now, but i was rather pissed at the time.
  16. Thorwyn

    Thorwyn FH is my second home

    ...standing in the cold for 45 minutes, waiting for the F*CKING delayed train!

  17. Bahumat

    Bahumat FH is my second home

    Breathing is pointless, but i do it to punich its not really pointless.
  18. psyco

    psyco Fledgling Freddie

    now whos estalking?
  19. Vladamir

    Vladamir FH is my second home

    Hehe Bugz is emo he writes poems :D
  20. Heta

    Heta Fledgling Freddie

    write pomes, compare his boner to the rest in his class etc... can it be any clearer?
  21. Chronictank

    Chronictank FH is my second home

    perhaps that was the problem :D :drink:
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  22. Urgluf

    Urgluf Part of the furniture

    I love doing nothing.. :x
  23. Laddey

    Laddey Resident Freddy

    Life is what you make it!
  24. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    Well whoever made mine should be shot 'cause i sure as hell wouldn't make it my very own crapfest :D

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