Does anyone play this game?

Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Whisperess, Jan 10, 2004.

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    The PlayOnline service has surpassed 500,000 registered users in North America and Japan combined, with the total online community population (number of active characters) of FINAL FANTASY XI at nearly one million characters.

    Since its inception in May of 2002 for the PlayStation(R)2 platform, followed shortly by the Windows version in November of the same year, PlayOnline has continued to grow explosively. This growth heralded the release of the North American Windows version in October of 2003.

    2004 looks to continue this trend, with the scheduled release of the North American PlayStation(R)2 version in March, which will spearhead our policy of bringing cross-continent, cross-platform entertainment to the global market.

    Refer to the following link for a complete transcript of the related Press Release.


    Evercrack is still ahead, but they had a headstart!
  2. tRoG

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    I wonder how many users will come from the Playstation release...

    I'd imagine that will push FFXI way ahead of EQ. It's time for some taunting, methinks.
  3. Elvo^Rylu

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    Giv more EU players to grp with ><

    Almost impossible to find a grp at 12-4

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