Discussion in 'War Craft III' started by -Nuked-, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. -Nuked-

    -Nuked- Guest

  2. Kirtaa

    Kirtaa Guest

    grats sexeh elph!
  3. Sleet

    Sleet Guest

  4. Arnor

    Arnor Guest

    strong grats, mucho nice ban :p
  5. Sleet

    Sleet Guest

    out of curiousity,

    I thought wc3 was pretty popular?, was going to try it out myself. Am i missing something?

    was kinda shocked to see what i did on forums ;)

    expected at least people saying its great or it suxs! ;p

    which is it?
  6. Driwen

    Driwen Guest

    it isnt really a community game though and most likely the people who do bother to post do it on blizzards own forum for WCIII (assuming it exists) or something similar.

    Its a nice game just why communicate on a forum about it and then even not the main forum for the game?

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