Diary of my Ten Day trial

Discussion in 'Neocron' started by The_Sheriff, Jul 30, 2003.

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  1. The_Sheriff

    The_Sheriff Guest

    Day One

    Downloaded the trial software from File Planet (luckily I still have membership, I only just cancelled the payments).

    This took over 5 hours, by the time I got home from work it had about 2 hours to go.
    My wife got home from work and wanted to use the computer, I asked her to wait two hours "please".
    Honestly! What a show of petulance! Stamping of feet, sighing, whinging etc.

    Anyway after the download had completed, I had to let my wife use the computer so I didn't even install the damn thing......
    I'll install it tommorow lunchtime.

    So day one of my ten day trial consisted of downloading the game. Wohoo, so far so much fun.
  2. The_Sheriff

    The_Sheriff Guest

    Day Two

    Unpacked and installed it this lunchtime.
    Ran it for the first time and waited 30 mins for updates to download.
    Back to work.....I'll come on later and have a go after work.

    Ok so started it up, created character, went for spy since they can hack and design shit.

    Buzzed around a bit, saw a firefight.
    Died twice fighting a combot, and then got lost in the huge cities.
    Used the subway system to get even more lost, and I've now got no money.

    Right, gonna try a PSI monk for a bit.

    Oh it crashed......
  3. The_Sheriff

    The_Sheriff Guest

    Day three through to present

    Uninstalled game and cancelled my subscription.

    Why? Well it's not very interesting. Not enough there really.
    And I can't be arsed to play it. I got better things to do.
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