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Dec 22, 2003

I dont know if I have posted this before as my memory is poo.

When i see a nice piccy on a website, that I would like to put on my desktop I go through the normal procedure, right click etc etc.

When I look at it, the pic is all destorted and poo. I look in properties and I have it on stretch as I want it full page, If on most I have it on centre its small and pants.

Is there a way of making it larger without distorting it?

My settings are:-

1024 X 768 High Colour 32Bit
Hansol Mazzillion Monitor (pants I know)
Geforce 4 MX 440 Gfx Card

Thanks :)


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Dec 23, 2003
resize the image to have a 4:3 ratio, either by giving it a border or chopping a bit off. Then set it as stretched on your desktop.

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Dec 23, 2003
Depends on the resolution of the file you're trying to blow up. A small file won't blow up well to 1024 X 768 as you'll end up trying to retreive detail that simply isn't there. Equally a file that is for example 800 * 800 will not stretch itself to 1024 * 768 without loosing the proportions.

Either way your best bet is to search for a better sized file or load the image into Photoshop/Gimp and fiddle with the resizing tools. You may end up having to not resample/size all the way and add borders/cloned areas/colour blocks.

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