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Discussion in 'IGI 2 : Covert Strike' started by TedTheDog, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. *Kornholio*

    *Kornholio* Guest

    Is it worth the download ?
  2. legendario

    legendario Guest

    It's ok.

    I found it a bit laggy (on the codemaster servers anyway)

    Interesting objectives for the CTs though (sorry I meant IGIs ;))
  3. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    didnt rate it tbh :(
  4. .Cask

    .Cask Guest

    Didn't like it at all.

    Only good thing was that the demo was set in a nice outdoors type scenario, which makes a change from the tight urban combat that this genre seems to stick to.

    Unfortunately even Counterstrike eclipses IGI-2 in terms of gameplay, at least that's my opinion after playing the demo.
  5. =M<P=Xerxes

    =M<P=Xerxes Guest

    Sorry but I have to disagre. I loved it. It's big. Weapons are relistic. The full game is better than the demo as it's a bit crapy on the net coding. There is going to be a patch soon with new map, "Jungle" Needed to get a little more memory. Well any excuse to buy more hardware. LOL. I like CS. But it seems small to me now. Can understand if peeps get a little agrophobic. :) Also I like the multi spawning, like RTCW unlke the one life per round as in CS and MOH. That's why a few in my clan don't like the latter game. Keeps you in the thick of it. But it's hard to get the odd swigg of beer. LOL. But peeps have there own tastes. Favorite map Forrestraid. Also slinding down wires is cool. All because the lady loves milk tray. ;)

    :clap: :drink: :mgwhore2:
  6. Typical codemasters this - very very addictive.

    It has some bugs and 2 major ones with the netcode (according to codemasters themselves) that codemasters are fixing and talking to the community about.

    It is a most excellent game and I am not going to even start why its better than this or that.
    I have loads of my buudies now addicted to this and most of em dont normally go in for the objective based online games.
    The biggest tacops fan I know has been playing this game exclusively for a week - as of yet I havnt talked to my budding CS friend - although I bet he hasnt even got round to trying the demo yet let alone the full game.

    Its more than worth the d/l and good rummage round the demo map.

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