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Discussion in 'Destruction Careers' started by DiscoStu, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. DiscoStu

    DiscoStu Fledgling Freddie

    Hello all

    Just like to say if anyone has rolled a Dark elf how strange it is not to have a base tanking class from the start. Aside from that they have no "proper" healers, and I say proper because the DoK is very good as solo play and looking after himself, but if your hoping to use him for group monitoring and priest like healing then forget about it.

    So with no proper healers who can do big heals, and no tanks; the frustration I am refering to is the first public quest.

    I was in a Warband with 9 or so people, and everyone who tried to tank got totally wrecked. He does some kind of special attack that hits you for 75% of your health, which in tern means that you are gona die if you don't get healed. Please wait while the DoK build up their soul essence so they can do a heal that will only give you 30% back. Anyone else experiencing simular issues with the Dark elf first public quest?
  2. Khale

    Khale Fledgling Freddie

    Other races can come to other races start zone as well? And it's not like you need to kill the boss now is it? You can just get the bar full with the easy stuff and then move on?
  3. Faya

    Faya Fledgling Freddie

    :iagree: and, you useally need a good FG for a PQ, in the next tir even 2. And i dont see your comparisation stick "..a priest?" what are you talking about? WAR only has hybrid healers, so as i was told once L2P :) and take time, no one stays alive much in the 1st PQ with everyone new to the mechanics and low level heals :)

  4. DiscoStu

    DiscoStu Fledgling Freddie

    It is the first Public quest, and so its safe to generalise that very few other classes will fly to the warcamp then run all the way back up to do the public quest. Anyway nervermind, I see people were more concerned with telling me I should learn to play than what I was getting at.
  5. Ashala

    Ashala One of Freddy's beloved

    you dont need a tank, you can zerg it!
  6. krilly

    krilly Fledgling Freddie

    yeah empire have the same problem too if you think about it. Hopefully Dark Elf and Empire tanks will be one of the first content updates.
  7. Jupitus

    Jupitus Old and short, no wonder I'm grumpy! Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

    I did it after trying about 4 different random groups at various times...
  8. Javai

    Javai Fledgling Freddie

    I've done it a few times with around about 8 people. It is easier than some of the other PQs in that the end mob starts on 25% hits, except in two of the attempts I made he bugged out reset and ofc went back to full hits.

    Although the lack of a tank is a pain I found that at least half of those doing it were DoK so there was plenty of healing about.
  9. Muylaetrix

    Muylaetrix Can't get enough of FH

    just ask that nice black orc or chosen to come and give you a hand.
  10. Apollyn

    Apollyn Fledgling Freddie

    Try doin the High Elf PQ with the giant monster dragon thing, god its chaos, tanks drop fast and it resets sooo easily :S
  11. Grimlorn

    Grimlorn Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah PQs are pretty frustrating. However, owning the Order completely in the Scenario is awesome. Only played 1 because I don't know I wait hours and never get into a scenario, but anyways, we obliterated the High elves. They have 4 classes. Tanks, heslers, melee dps, etc, and they only scored like 20 out of the 500.

    I'm not sure what the deal is with Khaine though. He kept killing me. I died 4 times because of his explosions on the flags. It kind of sucked.

    Order just sat near their guards or whatever.
  12. Deacan

    Deacan Fledgling Freddie

    To be fair I went with my Iron Breaker to the human area to help out, and I just couldent get aggro as the flippen Bright Wizards just don't stop.
  13. seeph

    seeph Fledgling Freddie

  14. Jellymancer

    Jellymancer Guest

    I found that using the Witch Elf's ranged "pulling" attack, the one that reduces the mob's speed by 40% if thrown from behind the mob, really helps - the ranged dps just keep pummeling the boss from distance and kiting him around, and it was up to me to keep my aggro / threat down and keep the debuff up whilst doing damage. Four of us killed the boss 3 times running with one casualty using this tactic.
  15. wifwaf

    wifwaf Guest

  16. Khale

    Khale Fledgling Freddie

    And another hint...

    Try using the big catapult war machines :) They help a lot as well.
  17. talima

    talima Fledgling Freddie

    hmm didnt have any probs me and my housemate were playing dual DoK's ive tanked all the first chapter PQ's as a disciple theres really not a lot of difference in armour/hp betweent he classes at the lowest levels
  18. Evoknox

    Evoknox Fledgling Freddie

    Ah you're playing WAR now aswell ;)

    I remember you from WoW, you may or may not remember Evoknox the hunter.
  19. boinged

    boinged Fledgling Freddie

    There was a massive RVR battle on Karag Dron last night in the Shadowlands. We had 2 Shamans in our warband and about 7 DoK. It's funny but I don't even think of DoK as healers any more. They seem like both healer (when they target someone else) or tank (when they target themselves). I feel that being good at this role is knowing which to do when. Is that a fair summary?

    I find that in scenarios things go a lot smoother with a shaman keeping my WE alive. My damage becomes astronomical. I'll probably roll a DoK at some point so any tips on playing one or tips on how to play best with one would be appreciated.
  20. adams901

    adams901 Part of the furniture

    I'm having great fun playing my Dark Elve, although I think they may have nerfed the damage the sorcerer does because I have noticed it is harder to kill mobs now.

    Only 2 races I have enojyed playing are the Goblins and the Dark Elves.
  21. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik FH is my second home

    i didnt have a problem with that pq on my DoK. we even had a sorc tanking and me and another DoK kept him alive just fine.
  22. Jor

    Jor Fledgling Freddie

    Well, at times PQ bosses are just harder than usual ;) even with the best group that nasty mob kills like there was no tomorrow. At other times you are more lucky and bring it down easily. That's life. :fluffle:

    I did the 1st PQ dragon boss with and without a black orc tanking (me playing DoK) and sometimes it was cake, sometimes 2 DoK's couldn't keep the Black Orc alive. /shrug

    Errrm... which dark elf tank are you referring to? WE, Sorc, DoK... that's what dark Elfs can choose as a profession, did I miss something?

    At the moment I see my DoK as a light armored dual wielding light/medium fighter with healing capabilities. Not using my melee means throwing away 2/3 of my healing capabilities. DoK's by design are made for assisting their mates in melee while keeping an eye on them and leech the enemies HP to transfer it to friendly players.With melee I have 2 HoT's and 2 heals at hand and this can work out really well in the front ranks. It's a special kind of playstyle, a special kind of class. Like it or not /shrug And yes... fair summary.

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