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Welcome to the Dark Age of Camelot Newsletter. We'll be sending one out monthly with updates on the latest happenings in Albion, Hibernia, and Midgard!

The newsletter will contain exclusive announcements and rewards from time to time so please encourageyour friends to sign up here.
Patch 1.125 Updates
Patch 1.125 has seen a few changes based on the continuing and fantastic feedback we have been receiving! Keep sending our thoughts in!

1.125B went live recently with the following fixes and adjustments:

World - Autoloot and Autosplit
  • Autoloot and autosplit features once again function properly when a group-member has a completely empty backpack.
Realm vs Realm - Molvik Dynamic Siege Objectives
  • The Stone Quarry objective now only affects the Molvik Keep’s level; its towers and the portal keeps will no longer be affected.
Item Changes - Proc Changes
  • Omni-heal procs on the Astral Vest of Purification and all Darkness Falls blood seal chest-pieces now delve for and heal for the correct amount of 7%.
Class Changes - Master Level Abilities
  • Forceful Zephyr’s immunity duration has been increased from 45s to 60s.
  • Forceful Zephyr’s immunity should no longer drop prematurely in rare circumstances.

Heretic - Rejuvenation Specialization

  • The area-of-effect focused snare line of spells (Lava Avalanche) have had their durations reduced from 6s to 3s at all levels.

Make sure to keep up to date on all game news on the Herald!

New Mask Patterns
1.125 saw the arrival of our first MTX pattern, the Satyr mask. All masks are dyeable :) We'll be adding more patterns over the coming months, with the next being early December, so keep your eyes on the Herald!

Mask patterns can be viewed here on the Herald!

A Look Ahead
Keep your eyes on the Herald over the coming weeks for information on changes coming to our Dragon's Curse campaign!

Difficulty adjustments allowing for groups to complete the campaign are among the changes.

Midwinter Festival
We're decorating and party planning as we prepare to welcome the Midwinter festival. This year's celebrations will start mid December, and last through the New Year!

Will the 12 days of Midwinter return this year? Of course it will :) Prepare your toons for December 21st!
Grab Bag

Our bi-weekly Grab Bag hits the Herald every second Friday! Our latest Grab Bag, is now available here.

Our past Grab Bags can be found below. French and German translations can be found on our official forums here: French, German.

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March 10th, 2017 | March 24th, 2017 | February 24th, 2017

You can send in any questions you have for our Grab Bags through our submission form! Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.
Monthly Poll

This month's poll is about ingame titles! Please select one option from those below.
Q. Do you aim to earn titles ingame?

- Every title, on all my toons!
- Working on them, almost have all I want!
- Just whatever happens through my normal play time
- Titles? What titles?


A selection of ingame shots from around the frontiers.




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Tips and Tricks

Video walkthrough created by Grobothir showing changes you can make in Windows10 if you're having issues with crashing. Click image to view.

Make sure you check out our official Twitch channel! With regular eye in the sky (dev point of view) streams at the weekend, and roaming groups, zerg perspectives, and the solo life throughout the week, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Don't miss our Community Lead's streams on Saturday night, where Carol gives away game timecodes, mithril packs, and a chance to spin the Wheel of loot for a random prize! Carol streams from approx. 10:30PM GMT /5:30PM EST on Saturday nights.

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Community Spotlight

One of the best things about DAoC is our amazing community, the best MMO community in our opinion! This section of our newsletter aims to highlight guilds and individuals in our community, and give a little insight into the heart of the DAoC! This month we spotlight the solo player and streamer: Shamelessdeex

Tell us a bit about yourself - what do you do in real life, in what time zone do you live?

Hey everyone my name is Jess, but most people call me Dee! I'm currently living in central United States as a full time 3d modeler/animator. I spend most of my days modeling, texturing, lighting, designing & rigging various assets. I originally started from an architectural background learning the basics of drafting and gradually moving my way up to 3d modeling hard surfaces. To some people, this might seem like a very odd/boring job but I love what I do! If anyone is interested in checking out my work you can follow me on twitter or head on over to my website, which I just revamped a few days ago. www.4d3designs.com and www.twitter.com/4d3designs

How did you first get into DAoC?

All the credit goes to my Dad! He started playing back in 2001 when I was just 12 years old. For at least a year, I just sat back and watched him game, but that soon turned into me wanting to try it out on my own. My first character was a Firbolg BM and it took me around 2 years to hit lvl 50.

How many years have you been playing?

Since 2002 I've played off and on, obviously I've tried other MMO's along the way but nothing compares to DAoCs PvP!

You stream almost every day, are you running any special setup aimed towards streaming?

None of my computers are setup for streaming specifically. I have 2 machines that I setup for rendering/editing but as far as running games/streaming, they both can handle the workload. If you're interested in catching one my streams follow me @ twitch.tv/4d3_designs

I mostly see you playing solo. Is that the only playstyle you take part in, and what drew you to that playstyle?

For now that's the only playstyle I really enjoy & I find it the most rewarding. Back in the day I loved playing in the BG's/Mordred but that soon became a thing of the past.

What realm/class do you enjoy playing the most?

I play my Alb toons the most; although I started off playing a Hib. It didn't take long for me to find some classes over on Alb that I had fun playing. I don't have any Mid toons as of now but I'm working on making some in the near future!

With the help of the community, you've been putting together video montages of fights from different playstyles and perspectives. What gave you the idea of doing the community montage and how did it come together?

There's a ton of DAoC videos coming out every month that feature one particular playstyle. The whole idea came from seeing a gap in the community that really brought everyone's playstyle into one montage. I'm hoping to continue making these community videos, so if you have any footage you would like please submit them via postcount or find me on the main DAoC Discord!

Do you have a background in video editing?

I started video editing just as a hobby. I don't take it very serious but I do enjoy putting montages together and editing videos.

Do you share any videos of just your own fights?

Yeah, I have a few of me soloing on my paladin. If anyone is interested in checking any of those out head over to my YouTube channel.

What, for you, makes for a great fight?

A great fight for me is ether making a huge comeback, like you can see in this clip vs @Vulkym, or taking on multiple players at once and coming out on top!

What do you look forward to most every time you log in?

For me I mainly look forward to PvPing; the sooner I get out to NF the better!

I have to ask....The best jawline in all of Albion....? :)

Yeah I've been told by many players my Half Ogre is the best looking character in the game, along with having the jawline of Sylvester Stallone and the face of Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

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