Dark Age of Camelot Guilds on all 3 realms

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  1. Solic Archers

    Solic Archers Can't get enough of FH


    Jerrys Kids (Alliance RDM)
    Contact in game: Ozierd, Verybig, Godair, Pandorinia
    Web site: www.jerryskids.guildportal.com
    Guild Report: http://search.camelotherald.com/#/guild/KaCLvVC27vw
    Active: EU and US prime-times (off-peaks also)

    The Scarlet Knights (Alliance)
    Contact in game: Kaptkent, Nightsmauler
    Web site:
    Guild Report: http://search.camelotherald.com/#/guild/RUxW9SNDCXw
    Active: EU and US prime-time


    Dark Knights of Camelot (Alliance)
    Contact in game: Luvly, Cdpl
    Web site: www.darknightsofcamelot.guildportal.com
    Guild Report: http://search.camelotherald.com/#/guild/cNzl9PUl4Rs
    Active: US prime-time

    Knights of Camelot
    Contact in game Eramir
    Web site: koc.guildlaunch.com
    Guild Report: http://search.camelotherald.com/#/guild/dvjaLxFSjps
    Active: US prime-time

    Contact in game: Brut
    Web site:
    Guild Report: http://search.camelotherald.com/#/guild/nJjL46jWFMc
    Active: EU and US prime-time

    Circle of Elders (Alliance)
    Contact: Treasonn
    Web site:
    Guild Report: http://search.camelotherald.com/#/guild/TC0cTSWXxOA
    Active: US prime-time


    Regulators (Alliance)
    Contact: Merly
    Web Site http://www.regsweb.com/
    Alliance Report: http://search.camelotherald.com/#/guild/90lP2eFS2uo
    Active: EU and US Prime-time

    Armyn ab Treanid (Alliance)
    Contact: Essemar, Norah
    Web site: http://armynabtreanid.com/index.shtml
    Alliance Report: http://search.camelotherald.com/#/guild/iNhn9sm55Dc
    Active: EU and US Prime-time

    Contact: Whizzzerx, Armadura
    Web site:
    Guild Report: http://search.camelotherald.com/#/guild/g29_H-bIrAc
    Active EU and US prime-time

    Contact: Herorius
    Web site:

    Guild Report: http://search.camelotherald.com/#/guild/hLaAQzseqb0
    Active: EU prime-time (Off peak also)
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  2. BloodOmen

    BloodOmen I am a FH squatter

    stickied for returning players.
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  3. Hawkwind

    Hawkwind FH is my second home FH Subscriber

    Returned and activated 4 accounts, trying to get some game time with Danny aka Shatterhand but the last release they put completely fooked it on both my laptops. Crash as soon as you try to log in a char. Tried this morning and the new game.dll appears to have fixed it. Tested on MSI GT70 -GTX 680M and GS60 Ghost 4K with 970M both work. Still not updated on my Pro 3 Surface - which was being used for BB.

    Just an FYI in case others trying to return were having issues.

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