[DAoC Ywain Servers] What would make players return/(new) to the game?

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May 30, 2007

Please keep this constructive as possible as I'm going to give all this feedback to Broadsword to see if they they can improve the things you mention on this post. I'm going to repeat please keep it civil and constructive so I can give a good argument!

The feedback can be from anyone that plays or doesn't play the game. I just want all players to express their views so we can improve this DAoC and make it as great again as it once was.

The real issue's I see is the following
- Population
- Old graphics/UI
- Lots of unfixed bugs
- No returning player trial
- Not enough PvE/RvR raids at certain times
- Items to expensive
- Not enough Battleground/live events
- No Realm timers


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Jan 31, 2004
Broadsword have patched the game to break it.

It's extremely clear an Origins server would be very popular, but instead they chose to ignore that & try and make Dark Age of Warcraft.

F2P option is so bad the way they have laid it out, everyone on Ywain is rr11+ running around. You can only hit 3l9.

People don't play DAoC for the graphics either.

Unfortunately this is a very old game, and played by most out of the fact there isn't a better PvP game or because of Nostalgia. Watching DAoC live on twitch, I barely recognise the game anymore, it's gone more the way of a freeshard..


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Jan 27, 2004
- New Races/Classes to freshen things up

- F2P RR cap raising to at least RR5L1

- Templating for returning players is always a chore due to how they've done the silly time consuming events you need groups for, why would anyone return to that when they can just go and play other games that offer easier options for returning players

- Leveling puts new players off, I got a few people who had never played the game before to give it a shot, even told them how to get through the leveling experience to level faster and every single one of them quit saying "Leveling was just boring and slow" - clearly the leveling experience isn't working for newer players like it was intended to

- Not enough ways to generate plat outside of RvR/Farming high demand items

- Patches are bad

I disagree with people that say "It's an old game, it won't get new players" Everquest is still going strong and gaining new players and Everquest is arguably the most complex MMO for new players. If Everquest can still gain new players, there is absolutely no reason DAOC can't.

I could go on.
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