DAOC- what happend?


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 20, 2004
I used to play DAoC in it's prime, before ToA etc. Now it's just too complicated and has too many expansions. I've come to check out the new expansions and updates etc and have sometimes enjoyed it, but i think they are going too far with another expansion. They should start a fresh and bring out DAoC 2! Anyone agree :confused: or did i just leave the game too early :confused: :mad:

Pohjan Poika

Fledgling Freddie
Jan 31, 2004

just bring the game to and total upgrade, keep all the stuff as it is (meaning the landscape and classes)
- balance up the classes alot more
- total revamp of gfx and motions
- better gear differences
- more options in crafting
- new exping rules

but most of all keep the old daoc world alive on afew servers where you can go back to more or less classic stuff, no new gfx and balancing

just aslong as you can upgrade your current daoc acc to a daoc2 acc im fine with it (just as and expansion but you can still play on the old servers - 10 of them tops)

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