DAoC Phoenix: Population during the PvP event!


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Dec 27, 2003
...and fucked everything else.

I was swapping between hib and alb earlier because I was drunk and had nothing better to do. Join hib BG, lots of moaning, 2 fg attacking shit. Alb BG, lots of moaning, 2fg defending shit, Ponos actually pretty much rage quit because the 1.5 groups attacking his tower only had 1 TWF, proper douchebag. Both BGs, when I was on at 9pmish had 2-3fg at maximum, that was it.

These events do like to kill all RvR :)

Thankfully they are only temporary.

As for the population imbalance, that's what happens when Alb is vastly overpowered, 2 near sites, 3 dots, 3 wall climbers, damage immune (necro) siege users and more CC than anyone else, it's bound to be fixed at some point.

Granted the Devs have fixed some of that in the last week (to much Alb QQ) but there are still glaring issues that need fixing, still working on getting the mincer fixed (all other issues repaired this week, I brought up) level 47 mincer, completely untemplated to 50, templated and just shy of RR5 in less than a week works for me, Alb is easy mode, end of story.
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Dec 22, 2003
I have to say that the event is fun for a day, but in the end just reminds how elitist DAoC is. Once you're level 40+ is all pre-mades which for me is completely against the spirit of the event. It's just reminded me why I stopped playing in the first place and a break is definitely in order.

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