DAoC PHOENIX: New Instances for level 50!

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May 30, 2007
General Infos
Our new instance and all upcoming ones are meant to be highend pve-content for 8 players, which were missing so far on Phoenix. We already have the epic dungeons that allow huge zergs to kill bosses, but we didnt have any group content. We strongly advice to do it with a solid setup (2 healing classes, main CC-class, shieldtank(s) and dmg/bubble/whatever). 10 groups from all realms tested the instance so far and only 4 groups made it to the end. The instance is rather challenging as most bosses have some mechanic that when ignored will wipe you, expect some learning curve. Trash mobs and even bosses where you know the mechanic will still be able to easily wipe your group. Expect to die a lot at the beginning. Releasing in the instance will bring you back to the entrance, where you will find a healer, a recharger and a porter to leave the instance.

You need to do a short Lvl50-quest to get access. As a quest reward you will get the „magical keystone“ which will also be the item for the mythical slot.

Every trashmob and every boss will drop feathers, every boss will drop 3 ROGs per type. Killing the final boss of the instance is required to buy the new respec stones. Besides that, you will get a pve-only bonus (which works only in instances) that is per completion: +1 to all stats & stats cap, +5 hits & max health and + 1% powerpool. To gain those bonuses, the key stone has to be equipped before entering the instance, equipping it later will not grant you those bonuses until you zone out and in again.
A third reward is a permanent 1% xp bonus for every completion which is accountwide and which will stack with the xp bonus of every member of a grp. This xp bonus is granted to everyone in a xp group.
Last but not least you will get special title(s) for completing the instance(s).

There will be a npc in your main cities that will tell you which group was the fastest in completing the instance and it will also tell you which time your group needed to complete it. The herald will also get an instance-overview section.

We are introducing three new respecs. If you complete the instance you will get the accountwide credit to buy those off the merchants. The respecs are tradable so players can buy those from other players if they dont want to do the instance.The prices for those are:
Appearence respec 20k bps or 40k feathers
Starting stat respec 30k bps or 60k feathers
Race respec 50k bps or 100k feathers (will include a face respec, only allowed race/class combinations are available)
You can buy the respecs as soon as you have the credit, but it will take some more time (prolly sunday) before you can use them.

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