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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Craft, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Craft

    Craft Fledgling Freddie

    Running my way around Molvik tonight with my Warden Greyhawk i was thinking about trying to get 3 fg's together, 1 alb, 1 hib and 1 mid and try contest the true rulership of the Battlegrounds, it would work like this:

    Each team would have 8 members making a full group.

    the Players names would have to be noted down before the tournament started, the players would start week one in Thidranki on the final day ( say Saturday ) the tournament would run for say 4 hours 16:00Hrs - 20:00Hrs GMT the realm with the Ck at the end of this time wouldbe deemed the winner.

    The next week the teams would be expected to turn up the following saturday at the next Battleground ( Leirvik? ) and do the same for 4 hours.

    So that hopefully the 'teams' would all progress through the battlegrounds gaining realmpoints as well as experience, the thing is is that only team members would be viable for this but obviously other random groups will be roaming and would just add to the confusion of trying to get a keep and hold it for four hours, im sure you could imagine the battles inside and outside of the keep once the walls are all down and the main keep door is down, tactics would really play a huge part.

    So the end goal would be to at the end of every week win the 'Keeps', the one with the most keeps wins.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Elvo^Rylu

    Elvo^Rylu Fledgling Freddie

    And if you cap the bg after 2-3 hours ?

    Or gain too much exp from kills and get lvl 25?
  3. Craft

    Craft Fledgling Freddie


    The idea is that you should start Thidranki at level 20 - 24 and then gain exp and rps for that battleground then continue to move onto the next battleground every week, so at the end of it the groups will end up with level 45 characters? in the final battleground in the same groups they have started with, if you cap then you cap and you can still help everyone else including your group out anyways, if you ding through exp then you can try and stay til the time limit is up but then move onto the next battleground for the next week to join your comrades for the next encounter.

    Another idea is to allow teams from a realm each to have a roster of say twelve people so that the groups can be a little more dynamic and be able to change a bit, this would also allow for people that couldnt turn up on say one saturday to give another roster member the chance to join in the action, as long as the 8 man group is made up of people on the roster then no problem, this is also a great way to change and alter tactics and try some new things out.
  4. Craft

    Craft Fledgling Freddie


    But yes i do understand that it might be hard when your expected to kill 16 other people as well as normal Battlegrounders as well as take the keep and / keep the keep claimed to yourselves :)

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