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May 23, 2004
Hello people, I'm the current Moderator/ Founder for Cult of the Dead Dragon and wish all my WAR buddys the best.

Now, down to business :cool:

Guild Name: Cult of the Dead Dragon
Faction: Destruction
Location: EU / UK Servers
Established: 1st September 2001
Website: Login

Why the name ‘Cult of the Dead Dragon’?
Those that played the EU Servers, more so Excalibur, will remember the Mighty Lord Draven running a group of guys call “The Dead Dragons Society.” Whilst a number of people may be unfamiliar with this guild, we are its ‘offshoot’ or little brother. We are a group of friends mostly, who like to play MMO games and try and complete the hardest of instances with as much fun and high spirits as possible.

Is this a ‘Role Playing’ Guild?
We originated as a Roleplay guild and have several members that are wiling to RP with other members of the guild. This is however not a requirement and whilst we have people into Roleplay, we don’t enforce it in any way. Just be yourself… if that’s a Troll, we’re fine with that... ;)

What is the main focus of the guild?
The first and main focus is to have FUN. We have TeamSpeak servers, we encourage people to use them even if you can only listen in, we understand people are shy sometimes but it does make for a better play when you can hear who your gaming with. We want people to feel free to use the forum and speak there mind, we're not going to smack people down just because we don't agree with you, we encourage free speach.

Is this an Order or Destruction guild?
DESTRUCTION! We’re big fans of everything Chaotic and Dark. We have plans to perhaps have 1 night a week as a breakaway from this, however, where we may run an Order based guild / team for fun.

Is this a multi-racial character guild?
We are DESTRUCTION and therefore we obvisouly despise anything other than that. On a serious note however, we are happy to help people of all types and in the game.

Can I add all of my characters to the guild or only my main character?
You may add any and all of your characters into the guild. As long as you mention to us, which of your ‘alt’ characters belong to you so we can keep track of who’s, who within the guild. On the forums we also have a function within peoples Profiles to set who is your ‘Main’ and who is your ‘Alt.’ This also makes it easier to see who is who out of game… and also I am easily confused with everyone having alts 

Do you have a forum, chatroom or voice chat servers?
We do have a guild forum, which you can find at our website (noted above.) We do also have a dedicated TeamSpeak Server, we encourage people to use it. There are a few other plans in the works to add an out of game chat system, but keep checking the forums for more information on that 

Is this a 'Heavy' or 'Light' guild?
We are both right now, we plan on starting off by recruiting the people we can either via forums or ingame. We accept friends and all alts as well. We have, in the past, been a mixture of both for other games, such as WoW, so we know how to make it work.

What are the ranks within the guild? How is it structured?
At the top of the guild there is 2 Guildmasters (1 primary and the other his 2nd in command) our officer ranks and then the PVP Ranks / Leaders. Most likely you will start as an Initiate and from there, depending on experience (level) and your willingness to help others, your rank will increase both in game and on the forums.

How large will the guild be?
We’re happy and have plans in place for the guild to be as large as it naturally progresses. This is not to say we are going to have people ignored, the intention is we have a regular set of people making it easy for people to get a group.

What are the rules of the guild?
The rules of the guild can be found on our forum, Login , but should anything be unclear or you need assistance with anything. Please make a post with questions and an Officer/Moderator will be happy to assist. The only thing we ask is to be polite / respectful to one another, everything is pretty much as you would expect.

Why should I join The Cult, rather than any other guild?
We’re trying to get a friendly group of like minded people to level and later PVP with. We understand not everyone is ‘hardcore’ and we try to cater for both. We have a massive range of MMO Expierence from previous Guild Leaders to casual players.

How do I contact the guild about joining?
You can read our application information on our forums

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