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  1. Grom

    Grom Guest

    Would it be possible for CSGuard to be removed from the League servers? The matches are recorded on HLTV anyway so anyone 'dodgy' can be screened afterwards.

    I just don't think there's any point anymore. CSGuard lags servers to shit, dropping bullets everywhere, making buy menus and stuff laggy, affecting recoil, and generally fucking around with things.

    If we have to make everyone play on shitty servers to combat the cheats, there really isn't any point. Let's just play CS clean and how it was meant to be.
  2. g-shock

    g-shock Guest

    personaly id rather rely on a program 2 detect cheats than someones instincts
  3. old.Catch22

    old.Catch22 Guest

    I must agree mr Grom.

    Having played the first two weeks games, the servers are laggy. trying to pick someone off with say ak or awpis much harder, seems like your hitting but doesn't register.

    Surely the game should be decided on skill rather than who sprays hardest and gets a lucky hs.
  4. blunt^

    blunt^ Guest

    I havent actually played a game in season 4 but last season the servers ran csguard and it was fine, i would personally like to keep CSGuard(HLGuard) on the league servers. I dont know much about HLGuard but by the looks of it, it would only be lagging the server at the start of a map because that is when it runs the checks and auths/bans everyone. It wouldnt do much more in the duration of the map.
  5. It really needs to be taken off. With HLTV demos of every match, its very easy to nail down anyone suspicious, and you're not affecting the play of the 99% honest players with lag and phantom bullets.

    If csguard detected every single cheat going, then maybe I could live with it, but theres so much that it doesn't pick up, even with it on the servers ppl complain about ppl being 'dodgy'.

    In case you haven't worked it out, I say get rid of it :) Its messing up the game more than its fixing it, and 90% of the clans I've spoken to about it agree.
  6. blunt^

    blunt^ Guest

    with HLGuard being updated regularly and i noticed in v1.00 Beta 2 update there was a fix to reduce lag problems:

    "FIXED: Lag Compensation issues which caused problems with bullets hitting intended targets accurately. This issue has existed prior to even CSGuard v7.44. "

    So hopefully the lag HLGuard causes will be reduced and im sure it will get better as it updated.

    Also i saw a very interesting post over at www.clan-site.com about adverts being placed on your pc when browsing and it is well worth downloading the software and checking your machine for them. Read the full article here.
  7. RogueOne

    RogueOne Guest

    As of about 20 minutes ago, CSGuard has been removed from BWCSL servers and the latest HLGuard is in place. This fixes the lag-compensation issue that was causing shots to fail to register and catches a far wider range of cheats than the old CSGuard.
  8. Grom

    Grom Guest

    Thanks RogueOne, looking forward to seeing how it is this week.

    Althought I remain to be convinced that any sort of stuff like this is useful on non-public servers... as Aardvark says if you have to spoil the game for legitimate players the cheats have won.
  9. RogueOne

    RogueOne Guest

    As I understand it, HLGuard shouldn't spoil the game for anybody except cheats. It's cheat-scanning is less frequent than the old CS-guard's and CPU usage is lowe, so it shouldn't cause lag. In addition, it fixes CSGuard's hit-detection bug, which was the real reason for the upgrade. I've no idea if the publics have also been upgraded or if there are any plans to do so.
  10. I played briefly in the warmup for a match I was adminning last night, and HLGuard seems fine, huge improvement over CSGuard, no noticeable lag/phantom bullets :)
  11. blunt^

    blunt^ Guest

    yea ive played with HLGuard on quite a few servers now and it seems alot better :D
  12. Grom

    Grom Guest

    yep, great server last night
    very playable

    don't change anything!
  13. CheesyPeteza

    CheesyPeteza Guest

    I noticed the pings were going a bit crazy on chateau tonight. As far as I can see there really is no point in using HLGuard anymore. Valves anti-cheat seems to be doing a good job, why add something that gobbles up CPU power and can produce false positives from time to time.

    Well anyway I reckon in a couple of months nobody will be using HLGuard anymore and this will be an old topic.

    Has anyone ever been caught by it in the league btw?
  14. blunt^

    blunt^ Guest

    yea someone from AoA has been caught by it before :(
  15. old.Perky

    old.Perky Guest

    As I'm in AoA I feel I better reply - but I'm no CL but I do know that all the members in AoA feel the same hatred for the player that got caught !

    I just want to say that we are glad that BW has cheat protection, and that we know it works for it caught the cheating scum.

    We can't apoligise enough that we failed to screen our players well enough to let some one who cheats play for us. We do check quite thoroughly (as new recruits atm find out), but I think this only happened as the player in question was an old friend a member of the clan so if any possible dodgy moments arose were not looked into. (I could be wrong but he is no old friend of anyones now I can assure you)

    Of course it goes without saying he was instantly banned across all AoA's server's irc room's web sites etc...

    Also, we are well aware that it will be sometime before we can repair our name, we know that ! there is so much paranoia in CS so we will endure the long hard slog of proving our honour and good spirited nature.

    Its so frustrating that one cheating scum can do so much damage to a good clan. I've been with AoA for almost 1/2 year after leaving clan ONE at the end of 2001. (BTW - good luck in your div ONE) AoA do not deserve the bad rep, that the cheating scum has imposed on them !


    (as I'm not the CL I shouldn't really speak for my clan but these are my feelings but i'm pretty sure they are shared by the rest of the clan)
  16. Just out of curiousity, what cheat was he caught using?
  17. old.Perky

    old.Perky Guest

    tbh - not sure

    I was in the match when he was caught, and I remember seeing the word 'viper' flash up but other than that not sure. I think I was too busy cursing at him and apologising to the other clan.
  18. Dr_Weasel

    Dr_Weasel Guest

  19. old.Perky

    old.Perky Guest


    Server owners... there's his wonid !
  20. Shadster

    Shadster Guest

    Just like to back up Perky on this one. No-one more than the rest of AoA want HLguard on the league servers. It is so easy for cheaters to go un-noticed even when they are under your nose. We learnt the hard way and have since installed HLGuard on our own clan server. Removing it is plain stupid and if you think VAC stops all the cheats HLGuard does then you are living in a dream world.

    A loss of ping is small price to pay for cheat free games.

  21. old.Lemming

    old.Lemming Guest

    pfft, if you're a HPB like me is barely noticable;)
  22. CheesyPeteza

    CheesyPeteza Guest

    Could we perhaps put HLGuard to some real use now that cheats are almost gone from CS due to VAC.

    One of the good features of HLGuard is that it can make people all use certain cvars. So we could hopefully be on a level playing field if we set the following cvars which give an unfair advantage if enabled:

    s_a3d 0
    gl_monolights 0

    I'm sure there are a few more cvars people here will tell you about.
  23. ~medway~boy~

    ~medway~boy~ Guest

    get rid off anti-cheat softwares?

    you mad, or is it just me. the cheats will keep trying to beat the system, no program is completly safe from hacking, all you can do is keep upgrading (unless they come up with a complete anti-cheat which means no skins or cvars to be changed etc)

    so i say keep them, you have caught peep or peeps cheating and that is what we want a cheat free game.

    as for clan who had a cheat!! you cant really blame a whole clan cause of some git. the cheats are getting harder to spot and when peeps join a clan you have to have an element of trust as thats part of being in the clan.

    so i say to that clan move on dont blame yourselfs for some t***

  24. Moön

    Moön Guest

    I agree getting rid of HLguard is crazy, it isnt just that it catches people that are currently cheating or have them installed but it also catches people that have installled and used cheats at some point in time maybe even long time in the past .

    Also just having it there I think puts alot of peoples minds at rest, including mine :)

    Oh and with regards to the VAC, I was under the impression this hasnt been activated yet and therefor obviously will have no effect what so ever .
  25. CheesyPeteza

    CheesyPeteza Guest

    Things have changed and HLGuard can no longer check for files outside your HL directory. That's how most cheats were found with previous versions. That therefore stops finding nearly all the old cheats. The new cheats can't be detected by HLGuard.

    The main thing HLGuard is useful for is blocking wall hacks. Unfortunately using this causes lag as it uses lots of processing power. I don't know if BW have that enabled.

    HLGuard is pretty useless these days unless you have the wall hack blocking enabled.

    VAC has been enabled for weeks and has stopped nearly all the public cheats. Apparently there are a few that still work, but I don't know which ones.
  26. Moön

    Moön Guest

    Yes but having it removed, wont that just leave an open door for cheaters again ?

    And I've seen no proof that VAC has prevented or banned any cheaters in TFC, can you show me something to suggest in CS it has worked ?

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