cs a game of chance now?

Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by d_fiant, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. d_fiant

    d_fiant Guest

    Is it just me that feels this or has counterstrike become like a game of chance. I don't know what it is and I don't want to point the finger at configgers / hackers / poor reg / servers or anyone / anything in particular but the fact is this.

    I've been studying this season and noticed that the results seem to have no rhyme or reason to them. There are clans we have beaten by ridiculous amounts like 22-2 beating clans that have beaten us by similar. I've seen clans we have thrashed beating clans that have thrashed us.

    I KNOW how skilled and how long some of our players have been playing (and other clans) , but it seems to make no odds, cs seems to have become a game of chance. I'm talking about people that have been playing years suddenly unable to hit the broad side of a bus.

    Scores like 10-2 2-10 for example - these score should be rare but we're seeing them over and over this season , why?

    Why is the bullet reg biased so much for the terrorist side? its becoming beyond a joke. I personally cant stand wwcl , not because i interp , it genuinely seems to ruin the reg for me and i dont really get why. Cheating Death enforces interp as well but it doesn't seem to destroy the server for me anyway.

    I know there is a lot of wwcl supporters out there for some reason but i also know a lot of hardcore players who just cant play on those servers. Will 1.6 bring us a fairer game actually based on skill , cos in my opinion cs today is screwed , although can still be fun when u happen to get the luck.

    I wondered why so many div 1 clans have given up, now i think we have the answer. Its become a battle of bring the best pc to the table and best config , suss the server rates and away u go, when in the old days it was how well u shoot and think.

    Anyway , rant over, time to get drunk and forget cs, and yes I am sore at slipping down div3 , rather unfairly imo, but then what do I know.

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  2. ECA

    ECA Guest

    One thing you are not taking into account is map and team roster.

    A clan might have a core group and for different matches they may have to play different players. This is going to affect teamplay etc. Another point is tactics. And maps.

    On one day a clan might have nobody playing well and lose to a team 18-6 and another everyone might be playing great and they'll win by the same margin.

    MR12 w/ its heavy emphasis on pistols is one of the causes. If you win both you have 6 straight rounds provided you dont lose to an eco and probably 1-2 more from the money advantage at least. Eight rounds difference is quite a lot. Then when you factor everything else in....

    PS: WWCL isnt the cause. The OLD metamod was a prob but now thats been fixed its merely different cpu load and i dont think wwcl is more intensive than CD.

    As for Div1 clans leaving - they havn't, they have gone inactive or broken up. In fact WWCL will combat the problem you suggest.

    Rates affect the game to some degree its a shame you cant enforce 101/101/25k or 60/101/20k but you wouldnt be able to have ISDN'ers etc playing.

    I think you have a point but your fudging the issue :-]
  3. dlreinmar

    dlreinmar Guest

    I think you right, CS is random, one day i cud be playing well but the next i cant hit anything, even when im doing the exact same things as the day before, cud this b to do with the server or my isp. who knows.

    hs's are a FAR to random occurance, infact its the most annoying thing about CS for me. any n00bin can get a hs by spraying at u, and this is the cause of many cheating accustations.

    i hope that in 1.6 they make it harder to get hs's, recoil is less random and of course they find a way to improve server reg =P

    we pld CSE on tuesday and we /just/ drew with them. was v.close. what i found was strange (no offence to CSE) is that only 2 of there members were amazing. the rest were up to standards (their scores are proof of this) and when looking at their other league matchs they've just beat or been beaten by clans we mauled. ive heard from other clans that i wont mention here that they pld CSE be4 the match and beat em yet we cud beat this clan. =S

    rar is all i can say =P hopefully 1.6 will improve things. or its bf1942 full time 4 me =P..

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  4. Dr_Vegas

    Dr_Vegas Guest

    I dont think you can take anything away from a team or players for playing well. Its good performaces by people that can turn games tbh. Plus some teams and players obviously favour certain maps and are going to be more drilled on them.

    What I am finding hard at the moment though is moving from servers where bullets actually do something, to play matches on servers where u might aswell throw ya gun at people to do any damage. :).

    As D_Fiant said above, it seems that T's have the advantage, but I really think this is due to not being able to take a player down with a few good shots as you usually can, and having to spend longer on a single player to make sure they drop. His T buddy, which is sure to be following him, then has ample time then to finish you off.

    It just seems that every BW server I play on, someone is going on about the reg, be it match servers or publics. It sort of takes the mick when you see someone take 5 shots to the head or 2 direct awp hits and still running about without a care in the world
    (mind you, these were the more extreme cases I have seen).

    Anyway, not gonna grumble anymore as I reckon U guys do a great job with the league.. but dare I say it , its just a shame we seem to be paying for servers like this that I seem to remember a few years back being really good.

    But hey... sure this has all been said before... :).

  5. funkyc

    funkyc Guest

    First of all 'reg' is half in your head. What happens is a good player kills you(or maybe an average player gets lucky) and because there's no other reason to cry, people cry reg. I'm on isdn(irish isdn at that) and i don't see the problem with the reg on the BW servers at all, pings may be a little high, but reg is fine... There is no way someone on any decent connection in the UK would have worse bullet registry than me.

    Secondly just because this clan beat that clan and you beat this clan 20-4 doesn't mean you're entitled to win against the other clan, different clans have different line ups and are better on different maps and perform differently every game. I've seen on LAN one team beat a top team(by UK standards) on one map and lose later on to a dire mix team.

    So don't cry reg every time a team beats you, T biased bullet reg? don't be ridiculous... WWCL is better than CD no doubt about it , all CD does is increase choke. D_Fiant, 10-2 2-10 scores happen because maps are not balanced, its a given when playing aztec that a good clan will probably get 10-2 or 11-1 as CT and only maybe 4 rounds as T, dust2 is the same the Terrorist side is much, much easier.

    It's strange how when alot of cheating was clamped down on people turned to accusing of configging, then when configging was clamped down on it comes down to poor bullet reg. Maybe you're just not as good as the other person, play more, live with it.

  6. spookeh

    spookeh Guest

    funky rocks my world
  7. ECA

    ECA Guest

    He's mostly right, but bad *reg* does exist.

    If the server is under excess CPU load, if the server is configged wrong eg low maxupdaterate, if the old version of metamod is installed, if too many plugins are installed etc. etc.
  8. Dr_Vegas

    Dr_Vegas Guest

    What can I say.. If Funky says there aint no such thing as bad reg and he does'nt see it.... obviously it cant exist..

    Either way, I'm sure its a case of just shut up and put up with it.. My only intention was to try and create some sort of catalyst to sort out these issues that apparently only exist in my head..

    And so.. I'll just go book another session with the shrink.. and let him tell me that when I see shots do nothing to players that aint even shooting back at me, its all just in my head.. :)..

  9. ferrers

    ferrers Guest

    wwcl > not really worth the effort

    in all honesty is only effective if conbined with CD, There has been a hack around for wwcl since it was released and the only real way of enforcing interp settings is via CD. Hence apart from BW we only play on servers with CD installed.

    But I do agree with several posts,

    Net code always has and always will never be 100% accurate.

    I think though if you take into account all the different possible server / pc / internet setups you will understand why person X is making a shot hit when you do the same and miss.

    In my mind its all about a time cycle your get rounds where you hit and they dont and vise versa so its all a case of making your slots count.

    In regards to CD next season I did hear a rumour that it was going to be in place, guess well have to wait and see.
  10. funkyc

    funkyc Guest

    Well Vegas yes most of it IS in your head...

    Obviously there is such thing as bad reg but it isnt half as common as people think, people moan when they die. Also you can't blame a bad server for losing a game really, its a two edged sword, not as if the other team are getting wonderful reg and fragging away happily, so chances are you would have lost anyway.

    I guarantee you'd play better if you didn't stop to moan about reg on servers and got on with it.
  11. Dr_Vegas

    Dr_Vegas Guest

    As I said above.. I have already come to the conclusion that you just have to live with it on the servers.. :).. and I have never blamed a loss of a match on bad reg tbh.... as you said, both teams can experience it..

    I just thought it funny last week that members of your own clan were also mentioning bad reg during our match... :).. yet another week it was brought up on a server.. :)..

    But hey... sessions with the shrink are going well.. :)..

    Sorry I even added to the thread now tbh...

    Anyway.. GL HF peace out.. blah blah blah..

  12. d_fiant

    d_fiant Guest

    Well have to say after my orginial post after a particuarly bad night of cs things seem to have improved with bw servers and wwcl.

    Using lower rates than I would on a public non wwcl server improves reg no end and I think that the bw crew have tweaked the servers as best they can. Still not perfect but it's never gonna be in an online game.

    My post was in no way flaming the bwcsl crew as I think they do genuinely try and provide as fair a league as possible.

    Interesting to see how many teams / players agreed with me though.

    Been playing 1.6 lately and I think its a whole lot better than 1.5, every bullet hits on the "hostile server" i've been playing on.

    Played all this season , looking forward to season 8 again now :)

    Quakenet #ming
  13. dlreinmar

    dlreinmar Guest

    the last match i pld i had lowered my rates to the sv_maxrate (15k) and at once stage had a score of 11 - 1 =D

    i used 15k 80 80. seemed to help lots.

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