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Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by BOOOYAAA, Jun 14, 2003.


    BOOOYAAA Guest

    To play counter strike online at do i need the counter strike game or can i download the gamebar and play counter strike online?
  2. spookeh

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  3. w00tb0y

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    lol, n00b
  4. Cdr

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    ahh the typical response from Counter Strike players


    Grow up and answer the mans question in a polite and adult manner - if I'm posting this while you're still up of course, as it is 2206 and probably way past your bedtime
  5. The best part is their both registered June 2003, noobs :/

    Anyway, to play CS you'll need either CS retail or HL retail and the CS mod.
  6. spookeh

    spookeh Guest

    i only just registered here yes, but ive pld cs for 3 years (beta 6.0) and in bwcsl every season since season 2

    reason i just laughed at the poor fella is i just cba, he has so little clue it would take days to explain everything. its what i do at work (IT Support) and i dont feel like doing it in my spare time as well, kthx
  7. darthshearer

    darthshearer Guest

    Our IT Support is shite!

    Anway you got Halflife download the mod from BW FTP Here you can also get the retail patch here too :)

    A good guide on how to get started is Here

    Hope this helps.

    Also you a subbie to BW? If not get it?

    If your noob Full Stop then Download All Seeing Eye from Here This will help you get onto servers.

    Anything else just shout, its better to put questions like this in the gen CS forum, but you will soon work out what goes where :)

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