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Dec 29, 2003
New Year, New Realm, New characters to write about...



“Do you have to go so early?” the question was rhetorical, he already new the answer.
“Don’t start with me Yel, I am not in the mood” came the abrasive reply.
“Huh? You’re in a bad mood? After the servicing I gave you last night? Are you kidding?” Yelrihs said grinning. Kittanna DeLatria snorted as she got out of bed and began her stretching exercises. “It was sufficient, not as good as that Sorcerer last week though” she said flatly.

Yelrihs watched her as she went through her morning routine. God she was stunning. Her naked form enchanted him; she was easily one of the best looking he had been with. Her training demanded she kept fit, and she took it seriously, as with most things. He smiled as she bent slowly forwards to bring her chin to her legs then straightened up again to a standing position before continuing the movement and arching back as far as she could go.

“What you doing tonight Kit?” he asked
“Not sure” she replied whilst straightening again. “It depends on what happens today. Why? Are you planning something?”
“Not really, if your busy I’ll probably see about finding that luscious young minstrel again, she was dirty”
“Why am I not surprised? You’re so predictable Yel” Kittanna said as she started to pull her armour on
“Hah! And your not I suppose? You only want me for one thing… and even then it’s only when you can’t be bothered to get it elsewhere…” he replied with a mock tone of sorrow in his voice and a grin on his face.

Kittanna smiled slightly as she finished dressing. Tucking her weapons away she walked to the door. “See you some time soon” she said as she left.
“I love you too Kit” Yelrihs called after her sarcastically.

“Now…” he said to himself whilst rolling out of bed “Where did I put that Minstrel’s address?”


Part of the furniture
Dec 29, 2003

“And then… he charged!”
The woman gasped as she leaned forward with a look of awe on her face that only the intensely uneducated can maintain when faced with obvious skill in embellishment “What happened?”
“I just smiled at him as he ran at me, sword flailing madly, spittle dripping from his lips. There was a wild look in his eyes, but I remained calm honey. Men like me don’t flinch in the face of death… we embrace it. You have to use it to your advantage, turn the fear into confidence. I whispered the words of a spell…” at this the woman stared wide eyed “Ah yes, a spell… they don’t call me Galeweaver for nothing my dear” He added with a twinkle in his eye. And a slight conjured breeze for effect “Anyway…” he continued “At my command the winds rushed in to aid me, holding the bandit fast. I could have just left… but the evils in this world need to be taught lessons Madaline…”
“My name is Marianne…” she drawled; pretty face showing signs of confusion.
“It is? Well…whatever… anyway… so I decided to end it there and then. Once more I called upon my great power. The air converged around me as I summoned an elemental of air to attack my would-be assailant. It was over quickly, his battered body lay lifeless after my powers had finished with him.” Yelrihs leaned back in his chair with a proud look on his face and folded his arms across his chest.
“Oh Yelrihs, your so brave!” she exclaim clasping her hands in approval.
“Yes… yes I know, but in these troubled times, we do what we do Mary”
“Whatever… now, how about I walk you home? I would hate to think of you walking the streets this evening without protection” said the theurgist with a smile
“Oh would you? Your story put the frighteners in me truth be told”
“It would be my pleasure my dear… You can be sure I’ll see to y… err, See you get home safely”
“Such a gentleman… shall we then?”
“Indeed, lets” grinned Yelrihs already silently thanking his old faithful ‘bandit’ story.

Truth be told, it was easy. He had stories for the dumb ones, stories for the Smart ones, stories for the Upper class ones, and stories for the lower class ones. It was just a matter of picking the right conversation topic for the moment. Play on there fears… there desires, listen to them for a while (to a degree at least), then sell yourself, and seal the deal. Kit was right… he was predictable… but only if they knew him. He wondered where she was… it was getting late. Probably found some posh bit of trouser (or skirt for that matter) to bed for the night. She hadn’t said what she planned to do today… just that she had some business to attend to. Well, she could handle herself that much was for sure. Kit would be fine, and besides… he thought as he glanced to the very pretty, but oh so thick girl on his arm, he had other places to be… and other ‘things’ to think about at the moment.


Part of the furniture
Dec 29, 2003

The steady drip from the damp stone ceiling was really starting to irk Kittanna now. Drip, drip, drip… insistently there in the background, interrupting her thoughts and disturbing her concentration. The ropes were coming looser all the time, it shouldn’t be long now. Small consolation, given that it shouldn’t have happened at all…

She had decided she wouldn’t make the same mistake ever again. It had been a calculated risk, but a risk none the less. Never again… she would make sure of everything in future, no risk, only complete preparation. She was brought from her thoughts by a sound. Immediately she stopped manipulating the ropes around her wrists, and lowered her head once more.

She heard the door open and then footsteps. They stopped right in front off her. And the door closed again.
“She conscious?” a low, husky voice asked.
“No idea Marik” was the reply
A rough hand shook her by the shoulder.
“Wake up bitch” it ordered before shaking her once more.
Kittanna moaned slightly, best to keep up the appearance while she went back to carefully work on the ropes.
“Good, now, if you ever want to get out of that chair, you’ll answer me quickly” the owner of the low voice paused for a second… “Who sent you? Why were you enquiring about my employer?”
Kit remained silent, just a little longer…
“Answer me!”
A low murmur… nothing said, just gibberish… almost there…
“Answer me I said!” the order was accompanied by a vicious slap. Kit’s head snapped sideways, it had been expected though; part of the movement had been for dramatic effect, allowing her to twist her body just enough to finish the job. Slowly she turned her head back to face forwards as she whispered something under her breath.
“What did you say? Answer me!” followed the demand again
“I said”… she started, as she raised her eyes to the man in front of her and stared at him from under her brow. “That you would pay for that”

His confusion was cut short. Kit’s now free hand snapped forwards, open palm crashing into his nose and sending a shower of crimson arcing ******ds to fall onto the floor. Marik Stumbled backwards holding his broken face and already Kittanna was up and moving towards his companion. His stance gave everything away; a low swing with the short sword he was holding was easily countered by stepping forwards to catch his arm on hers. A quick reversal of grip left the sword in her hand and the man in front with his back to her.

Its tip emerged from his chest as Kit held her hand over his mouth. Slowly she let him to the ground and pulled the sword free.

“Where are you going?” she asked coyly.

Marik was crawling for the door, one hand still holding his nose. Slowly Kittanna walked up behind him and straddled his back. Sitting down on him, she held the tip of the sword with her other hand and placed it over his head and pulled.

“Shout please, tell them you want the door opening” she asked softly
“Go to hell”
“Now, now…” she teased, while applying a little more pressure on the sword blade. “Don’t be silly, just one request from you, and I get up and walk out of here. That’s not so bad is it?
“Guards!” he started “She…

The blade cut deep as she drew it back, she spun left and did what she did best.

The door to the cell burst open and the guard was greeted by a blood cover floor. The woman was gone. Slowly, in disbelief he stepped into the room, it was the only opening she needed. Once again the short sword tasted blood; the guard never even saw what struck him in the back.

“Now I’m vexed” said Kittanna DeLatria… to no one in particular.


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Dec 29, 2003

Yelrihs lay on his back with his hands up under his head. Mary or Marianne or whatever… was asleep. It had been an interesting night. Not the brightest spark in the fireplace, but certainly well practised else where. The thought of leaving silently was currently whirling through his thoughts, no point getting into a discussion tomorrow about the merits of using women for pleasure. They always did that… does every intimate encounter automatically mean you want to repeat the performance? Certainly not with Kit… that’s why they got on so well. She understood, she knew when fun was just fun, and she also knew that fun can be had elsewhere. Yes… definitely time to leave he concluded.

Before he had chance to move however, he heard a sound from downstairs. There were voices, male, at least a handful. Yelrihs jumped up and ran to his clothes in the corner; hastily he pulled his robe over his head and picked his staff up. They were coming up the stairs, this was not good, not much room to use, he worked best at distance, and they were going to be close to start with.

Slowly the door opened, arcing inwards while creaking in protest. As it did so, Yelrihs began casting. Arcane words flowed from his mouth, wisps of ethereal essence played about his feet as the energy built. The air began to rush as he began the gestures. Intricate hand motions shaped the power, drawing lines of command and control in the air in front of him. As the first one came through the door cautiously, the theurgist released the gathered air. The blast ripped the man from his feet and slammed him backwards violently into the wall behind.

Already Yelrihs was summoning the winds again, a second man entered, and he too was battered by the wrath of Galeweaver’s magic. And then a third spell was in preparation

“Idiots, all go together, now!” someone cried.

Yelrhis panicked, wrong spell, he stopped the casting and started another, but the remaining four men charged into the room in quick succession. They reached him before he could complete his incantation and grappled him to the floor. Marianne was screaming as they dragged him to his feet, one left him to silence her and the screams were cut short by a sickening crunch as a fist connected with a face.

“This is for Jered!” the declaration was followed by a doubling punch to the stomach
“And this is for Minis!” declared another voice before delivering a solid blow to the back of the theurgist’s head.

Yelrihs’ head swam as he toppled forwards. Instinctively he curled up with his arms over his face as kicks rained in on his body. His last thought was of whether Kit was alright, and then the blackness took him.


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Dec 29, 2003

Quietly, Kittanna waited in the shadows across the street. The need to be home, and clean, free of the taint of her captors, was pressing. Yet she resisted the urge to simply walk across to her door in plain view of everyone. For a start… she had a great deal of blood on her, and that would undoubtedly draw unwanted attention.

Instead she watched, looking for an opening. She only needed seconds and she didn’t need to wait long. A momentary lull in the crowds was all it took. Kitt sighed as she closed the door behind her. After dropping the latch she walked upstairs. A cursory check showed that Yel had remembered to refill the water tank above the fireplace; he had even left the fire burning. “Good” she thought “Just what I need”

Before long, her wrought iron bathtub was filled with steaming scented water. Carefully she slid out of her leather armour and eased herself into the warm embrace of her tub, bending her legs to allow herself to submerge completely before resurfacing and running her hands through her long blonde hair.

She sighed deeply as the scent filled her. She was troubled… Kittanna DeLatria was not used to failing. Back home she had been the best… yet here… in Camelot… it would seem she had much to learn. She needed to know if she was still being tracked, she needed to know she was free of him… and she needed to know before she could continue her training. It was continually on her mind, distracting her. Yet her attempt to find things out had ended badly. In truth… for the first time in her life, Kittanna was unsure how to proceed.

After a good soak Kitt got out and dried herself. Silently she set about scrubbing her armour, using the water from the tub before it went cold. Carefully, she cleaned each piece and checked for any damage. Once finished they were hung over the side of the tub to dry, whilst she emptied it.

Exhausted, trudged into the bedroom and climbed into bed. Wrapping the sheets close around her, she closed her eyes and sighed once more. Before falling into a comfortable trouble free sleep.

She was awoken the next morning by someone banging on the door downstairs. More annoyed than anything she pulled on a gown and collected a dagger before going down to the door.

“Yes?” she asked in her best “Meek female” voice.
“I am looking for a Miss DeLatria” replied a soft female voice.
“Exactly who is looking for her” Kitt questioned
“My name is Helain, Is she in?”

Slowly Kitt opened the door. Standing outside was a young girl. Her piercing blue eyes peered out from under a heavy chain coif. And her slender body was also covered in polished chain mail. Her cloak was wrapped around her and under it could clearly be seen the outline of a holstered axe and on the other side a small shield. In one hand she held a drum.

“Helain Songweaver at your service” she said as she gave a bright sunny smile, that almost glowed in its wholesomeness. The smile turned into a frown as she spotted the dagger.
“Sorry… one can never be too careful, one moment, I will just go and check the mistress is available” said Kittanna before slowly walking back upstairs. Silently, she went into the bathroom and over to her armour. She donned it slowly, to avoid as much noise as possible, then crept to her room to retrieve her two spare weapons. Inwardly she cursed at loosing her two favourites… unfortunately there had not been much time during her escape yesterday. Once satisfied she moved silently back into the bedroom, and waited.

Downstairs in the hallway Helain stood examining her nails. “By the light how long does it take?” She thought to herself. At least ten minutes passed, and growing impatient, she ventured up the stairs.
“Heloo?” she called as she checked each room in turn. Finally she came to the bedroom. The door creaked open and again she called “Heloo? Is there anyone there?” Slowly she pushed the door further open and stepped in. There was someone under the bedclothes… gingerly she crept over and reached out. She pulled back the sheet to reveal a simple bundle of cloth.

Then she felt the cold metal on her throat, and the hand wrapped round her hair.

“If you want to live, young lady, you will tell me exactly why you’re here, and who sent you” Hissed Kitt coldly.
“Please… there is no need for this, Helain exclaimed, release me and we can talk”
“Release you? So you can stun me with your magic, Minstrel? No I don’t think so. This sword is coated in Lethal poison… the slightest nick will have you squirming on the floor begging for your life, now Answer me! Or we test my theory”
Helain relaxed slightly. “I told You, my name is Helain Songweaver, and I am looking for Kittanna DeLatria. In my opinion, I have found her…”
“Maybe… but why?”
“That is not for me to disclose”
“I would suggest you DO disclose it… unless of course your mission is to die to my blade”
“Yelrihs Said you would be like this…” the sentence was left hanging, and Helain was smiling.
“Yel! Where is he? What have you done?” Kit shouted, yanking the minstrel’s head back further.
Helain winced at the pain, damn women ALWAYS knew how to pull hair in order to effect the greatest discomfort “Let me go” she whispered through gritted teeth “Or you will never see him again.”

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