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"Come back and play" drive

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' started by Mabs, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Mabs

    Mabs J Peasemould Gruntfuttock

  2. SilverHood

    SilverHood Part of the furniture

    Is this worth it? I kinda made it to level 40ish on the dark side before I gave up with all the running around. I played to 15ish in the beta on the light side, and that story was pretty damn good.
  3. Hawkwind

    Hawkwind FH is my second home FH Subscriber

    Have there been any improvements to the PvP? The big ones were like a slide show from I remember, even with a decent rig.
  4. Mabs

    Mabs J Peasemould Gruntfuttock

    depends, "all the running around" as in "playing an mmo" ? :p

    stories vary from class to class, always have, personal choice etc

    pvp in what way ? ranked arenas are ok, season, er, 4 ? just started. larger ones dont chugg at all ?
  5. Poag

    Poag m00?

    TBH i found the changes they've made to the PvP system annoying. Lumping arenas in with proper BGs seemed extremely stupid and killed the only thing i really did in the game.

    As an operative healer my burst heal isn't very high so in arenas people get blapped before i can save them. Where as in BGs i clean up with hots unless the other team focus properly.

    However i do seem to have 6,000 cartel credits from leaving my authenticator on after i stopped easy cash source found ;)
  6. Mabs

    Mabs J Peasemould Gruntfuttock

    yes and no, a shit pvp game takes ages, a shit arena takes 5 minutes so ;) but i know where youre coming from

    as to Ops, they got their shit pushed in in the last expansion/patch, mostly cos it was "healing a raid ? bring an Op or dont turn up" so theyve been 'adjusted downwards' which they needed tbfh
    and people not guard swapping or knowing how to tank will cause a lot more probs than sub healing aswell

    and yes, you get 500/month for having an authenticator :D
  7. Poag

    Poag m00?

    What server do you play on Mabs? i dabble on and off but find trouble with any sort of community.

    My op is Uirel on Red Eclipse (i think)
  8. Mabs

    Mabs J Peasemould Gruntfuttock

    im on red eclipse
  9. SilverHood

    SilverHood Part of the furniture

    I'm giving this another go, just doing the starter planet again. Have to say it's a lot more enjoyable now that my GFX card can handle more than every setting on low.

    I can handle the usual running around, but SWTOR at release seemed to delight in wasting my time.

    Anyway, I am back and playing, not used the free week of paid sub yet, still downloading the game. Have more or less maxed out of Tython at level 12, so waiting until I can go further.
  10. Mabs

    Mabs J Peasemould Gruntfuttock

    tython ? TYTHON ? fucking jedi scum :D
  11. SilverHood

    SilverHood Part of the furniture

    I am looking at my lvl 39 Sorc and I have no idea what half the skills do. Plus, they seem to have redone the skill tree. And I can only use 2 of my 3 crew skills. Information overload!
  12. Mabs

    Mabs J Peasemould Gruntfuttock

    they redid the skill trees , more streamlined, when Revan came out/the patch for Revan

    2/3 is cos you are f2p-ing ?
    if youre subbed should be able to use all 3
  13. SilverHood

    SilverHood Part of the furniture

    Already suffering from RSI, might have to give it up already, though I liked the storyline, and enjoyed tanking the Flashpoints.
  14. Mabs

    Mabs J Peasemould Gruntfuttock

    anyone poking it and needing a hand, play proper side (empire) and Red Eclipse and poke me :)
  15. Tilda

    Tilda Moderator Moderator

    Double xp this week too!

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