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Feb 10, 2004
what is this "clustering" thing? :)

is it just merging two servers into one? if so does it merge pve zones aswell as rvr zones or only rvr zones?

what are the restrictions of it and more importantly for me - why dont they just merge the two servers into one to free up the other server so people can play there?
i.e. why dont they get you to pick which server u want ur chars on (so for example you opt for your mid chars on prydwen to go to excal so excal becomes the main server then u can have ur chars from excal moved to pryd which would be the secondary server the idea being to get all the main chars on one server, but u keep ur equipment ranks guild etc etc)

<shrug> im just confuzzled


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Jan 3, 2005

To alleviate the problem where lower population servers often do not have enough players logged in simultaneously to foster a stimulating RvR environment, we have developed server clustering. The intent of server clustering is to give players more friends and enemies in RvR, but not change the home server's community unless the players seek to do so.

Traveling to a Clustered Server

- In order to travel between servers, we have added new Channeler NPCs to each of the main cities. These NPCs are the "travel agents" for the realms, which will teleport players between servers in the cluster.

Camelot - Channeler Kho'unas
Jordheim - Channeler Jith
Tir na Nog - Channeler Galia

- (Catacombs Client) When a character zones into a new area on a clustered server, the server name is printed in the center of the screen.

Character and Guild Names

- Names currently in existence are not guaranteed to be unique for players or guilds. New characters or guilds created are subject to name duplication restrictions, but existing names are unchanged.

- Newly created guilds are subject to emblem duplication restrictions. Existing guilds with duplicated guild emblems will not be changed.

- If you have two characters with the same name on the cluster, you communicate with them by appending the server name if they are not from your home server. For example: If you have Bob of Palomides and Bob of Bors and you're from Palomides, /send Bob or /send Bob-p will go to Bob of Palomides, and /tell Bob-b will go to Bob of Bors.

- In all chat messages, if a player is from the same server as you, the text you see will remain unchanged. If they are from another server, their name will be printed as "Name-ServerName:" (the same format you would use to /send to them).

- In any shared region kill spam messages, the kill spam will always contain the server name information of the two players (eg: Bob-Pendragon was just killed by PlayerX-Hector).

- Names over the heads of players will display as "Player of Server" to players on other servers in the cluster. Players from your home server will display normally as they always have. Realm Enemies will display normally as they always have (Race and Realm Rank Title).

Zone Sharing

- Based on player feedback, only New Frontiers, the Battlegrounds, Darkness Falls, Passage of Conflict, and Summoner's Hall will be shared in the server cluster. Trials of Atlantis and Catacombs zones will not be shared. Clustered servers will maintain separate versions of all other zones, including Trials of Atlantis and Catacombs zones - players from other servers on the cluster can use the "travel agent" NPCs to migrate to another server, and then travel to that server's Trials of Atlantis or Catacombs zones.

Bind Points

- Bind points will be server dependent. For example: If you bind at Tir na Nog on Palomides, then go visit Bors and die, you will release to Tir na Nog on Palomides.

- Releasing to your house bind will teleport you to the server the house is located on.


- Characters will only be able to purchase lots on their home server.

- Characters will only be able to join guilds from their own server.

- Guilds will not be able to join in cross-server alliances on their server cluster.

- There is a timer in place to prevent cross-realming characters. After logging a character into one realm on the cluster, you will have to wait eight hours (real world time) before being allowed to log into another realm on that same cluster.
Except for us the timer for cross realming is 1 hour

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