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Loyal Freddie
Jan 23, 2004
My cleric is fast approaching lvl 50 (lvl 46 atm) and has been made purely as a playing rvr cleric (ie. rejuv specced). The popular choice for this seems to be 41 rejuv/35 enhance so I'm asking all the "experienced" rvr clerics out there for their opinion on this? For the most part, when I rvr, my group has buffbots who take care of the spec so I'm only left with handing out base, however on occasion I have to battle rezz and then the rezzed has to "put up" with my buffs and of course the whole random group thing where they only have my buffs - so I don't really want to sacrifice too much in the enhance line but could I be putting points into somewhere else thats gonna be more helpful/useful in rvr or is 41/35 the "best" rvr spec?

Oh and if anyone has a link to a cleric template for rvr I'd be most grateful - 1k off rr3 atm and still wearing dropped pygmy goblin armour :( (I'm rubbish at putting together templates and I'm lazy :p)
Didn't expect to rvr so much until I hit lvl 50 tbh but now that I am doing, I should really make the effort to start putting together items for a template.


i was 41/35 coz i had no bb but smite line has nothing good.... well, nothing really good, only a instapbaoedd who can interrupt healers while u are beein chased by some gimp enemy tanks.

I like 41/35 spec but .... well , ask pitonisa ingame , i think she has a nice (rej/enc/smite) spec ;)

ah, talking about sc template , dont know now with ToA on, but b4 with neck, bracers and belt from SI + pigmy jewel and df rings u should cap everything


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 13, 2004
Im using 40 rejuv, 36 enh so i get a better resistence. Since a rvr group usually have two clerics, there is no need for both to be same specced...


Can't get enough of FH
Dec 22, 2003
Every alb FG needs:

41R/10S/rest E


This gives you one cleric who has all the 16% resist buffs and the second spread.
and one cleric with the 100% rez and a couple of cheap interupts with the smite line.

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