Circle of Five. Monday 9th July 7pm GMT / 8pm CET

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by Roo Stercogburn, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Roo Stercogburn

    Roo Stercogburn Resident Freddy

    You know the drill :)

    Several hours of chilling out with yours truly and beating the crap out of mobs. I'll likely be playing my mend healer, Tunguska, for this.

    As ever, I'll shamelessly leech the knowledge of the best and brightest that show up.

    I'll lotto any drops at the end should we get anything other than one-time-drops.

    Just to remind folks, I have *zero* tolerance for whiners. Damage my calm and you'll have your vocabulary expanded in colourful and scary ways. Anyone that doesn't follow raid leader orders will be removed from their group and BG. Griefing someone in the BG gets you kicked too.

    Looking to make 2FG of course and we'll do the bosses same as last time.


    1) Loud music.
    2) Beer.
    3) More beer.

    Don't bring:

    1) Attitude.
    2) Greed.
    3) Your favourite soap opera theme tune compilation.

    Look forward to seeing you there.
  2. Gustav

    Gustav One of Freddy's beloved

    Bringing beer, bringing music that makes you wanna hump and jump on a dance floor, and bringing the most important thing, Meself! Oh, and hiding a few cases of more beer near Utgard-lok so we have some for the end of the party.

    Signing up with my wee kobbie. PLs don't ignore his ultimate skillz in dealing with mobs, he may be small but he can hit pretty hard.

  3. mikey

    mikey Fledgling Freddie

    genna amble along wiv me 'ealer.. genna bring attitude, but a good a one!!

    Tbh gus, my mum can hit pretty hard, but i'm not bringing her along! :twak:
  4. Carss

    Carss Guest

    might come on savage and tag shammy along
  5. mercury

    mercury Fledgling Freddie


    Love to come along Roo. Can bring Curie (Aug/Mend Healer - of which you need 2 per group if youre going on to Utgard).
    Quickest way is 2fg as gets through aggro best.
    There are no drops only otds, loot and remains. I never ever had a lotto - occasionally someone asks for Utgard's remains is all.
    Unannounced afks, pulling before GL says and running ahead of driver can get the raid wiped, as you might expect.

    GL - I'll look forwards to letting someone else do the work for a change. :)

  6. Cerbie

    Cerbie One of Freddy's beloved

    Makes me think of coming back to good old pryd.The only thing that is stopping me for renewing my account is the fact that I have a huge repair bill waiting on my thane :worthy:
  7. Coolan

    Coolan One of Freddy's beloved

    you know you miss us cerbie come back :)

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