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Jan 23, 2004
Anyone who can confirm that if I buy 2 version of Catacombs from a Swiss Game shop. [A game shop in Switzerland :p] - And activate it on my accounts, can I still install it back in the UK?

Buy and activate there
Install and play in UK?

Or will I have to buy the expansions in the UK?

Going to visit family in Switzerland soon, and I visit a pretty big game shop there once in a while. Had about 40 versions of ToA when it got released over there.


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Dec 24, 2003
if they're european versions they're fine (e.g. french or german versions)

will have to change your update.dat and delete a language folder to get the client running in english though.


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Apr 21, 2004
Alchemy said:
How do you do that?
1: Go to the folder where you have installed Catacombs.
2: Delete the folder called 'Language'
3: Open the file 'update.dat' using any text editor such as Notepad or Word.
4: In the file are two URLs which will look something like -
5: Change the word 'german' (or 'french' depending on where you bought it) to 'english' in both URLs then save the file.
6: Connect to the game, you'll download a small patch then your client will be in English.

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