Calling all Warriors!

Discussion in 'MechWarrior 4' started by Sir Frizz, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. Sir Frizz

    Sir Frizz Guest

    Anyone out there?
    I just got this and the add-on yesterday and i need a family to fight against...:(
  2. *Kornholio*

    *Kornholio* Guest

    Nah, I gave up after MW4... never bothered with the first addon... I take it from your avatar you're quite a Mech fan ?
  3. Sir Frizz

    Sir Frizz Guest

    Well, i liked MW2 originally, then got the third and now this. I also got Black and White on the same day and i might try that online also.

    Why did you give up with it?
  4. *Kornholio*

    *Kornholio* Guest

    Dunno really... it wasn't a particularly bad game... just didn't have much in the way of multi-player... also, I was playing waaaay too much CS at the time...

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